AVIC Elevator Launching Elevator Emergency Rescue Exercise



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AVIC Elevator Launching Elevator Emergency Rescue Exercise

In order to strengthen the public's awareness of safe elevator riding and improve the level of emergency response and rescue of elevator accidents, on the afternoon of March 30, the Market Supervision Bureau of Honghuagang District of Zunyi City and Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AVIC Elevator") jointly carried out elevator emergency rescue drills in the ideal City of the East Line of Honghuagang District.

AVIC elevator staff at the scene to explain the elevator safety knowledge for residents


The exercise through the scene simulation of the community passengers in the process of taking the elevator, due to elevator failure can not run, trapped elevator. The trapped personnel shall use the emergency alarm device and alarm number in the car to call for help. After receiving the alarm, the guard on duty immediately reported the situation of the elevator trap to the AVIC elevator maintenance personnel. Subsequently, the elevator maintenance staff and related personnel rushed to the scene, start the emergency rescue procedures to implement the rescue. During the rescue process, the maintenance personnel comforted the trapped people, stabilized their emotions, and made emergency rescue. Finally, the trapped people were safely rescued, and the elevator resumed normal operation.



After the exercise, Deng Yi, head of the Long March Branch of the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Honghuagang District, Zunyi City, fully affirmed the calm, professional and rapid performance of AVIC elevator maintenance personnel during the rescue process. He also said: The exercise has achieved the expected results. In the next step, all participating units must carefully summarize the experience and shortcomings of the exercise, continuously improve the prevention of elevator safety accidents and emergency rescue capabilities, and effectively ensure the safety of passengers on the elevator.


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