Elevators in a residential area of Wuzhou frequently break down, and some owners are trapped in elevators twice a day.



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Elevators in a residential area of Wuzhou frequently break down, and some owners are trapped in elevators twice a day.

Recently, Ms. Li, a citizen who lives in Wangcheng Shouxi Community, Xinxing 2nd Road, Cheung Chau District, reported to reporters that the elevators of 3 buildings and 2 units in the community often failed, and Ms. Li herself was trapped in the elevator twice a day., With the help of neighbors and property management, I was able to get out of trouble.

Owner: frequent elevator failures affect travel

On the morning of April 6, the reporter came to the community to visit and understand that in Unit 2 of Building 3, there are two elevators, the one on the left is a passenger elevator, and the one on the right is a freight elevator. The reporter tried to take the passenger elevator at the scene and found no abnormal condition. The elevator buttons and display screens located in the corridor and inside the elevator were working normally.

Elevator of Unit 2, Building 3, Wangcheng Shouxi Community

The 2023 elevator maintenance registration form and elevator regular inspection report posted in the elevator show that the last time the elevator was maintained was March 31, while the last time the elevator was regularly inspected was August 8, 2022, and the inspection conclusion was qualified.

Mother-in-law Su, who lives in Unit 2 of Building 3, told reporters that since she moved into the community last year, she has encountered elevator failures from time to time. The last time the elevator failed was last month. Mother-in-law Su said that when the elevator broke down, the up and down buttons in the corridor would fail, and the display screen would also be black, and the floor numbers would not be displayed. Once she was in a hurry to go out to do business. As a result, both elevators broke down and she could only walk down more than ten floors of stairs.

Mother-in-law Su said that she hoped that the property management in the community could find out the cause of the failure and solve the problem thoroughly as soon as possible, so that the owners could live at ease.

Property pipe: building materials debris fall into the elevator

On April 7, the relevant person in charge of Wuzhou Jiayuan Property Service Co., Ltd., the property management of Wangcheng Shouxi Community, contacted the reporter and responded to the matter.

General Manager Yi Jianya said that the property management did receive a lot of feedback about elevator failures before, and the staff had immediately notified the maintenance personnel to come and deal with them. After investigation, there are several main reasons for the recent failure of the 3-building 2-unit elevator. First, due to the fact that there are more owners decorating, the construction personnel will use both the passenger elevator and the freight elevator to transport materials in a hurry. In this process, it is inevitable that building materials debris will fall into the elevator from the gap. Second, the weather in Wuzhou has been humid in the past two months, and the debris of building materials falling into the elevator is stuck inside the equipment is difficult to remove; third, the number of floors and owners of three buildings is more than that of one or two buildings, and the number of people and frequency of using elevators is relatively high. In the near future, property management will send special personnel to strengthen inspections to ensure the travel of owners.

Maintenance party: increased faults due to wet weather

Zuo Feng, head of Guangxi Kangxin Elevator Co., Ltd., which is in charge of elevator maintenance, said that he had recently received several repair requests for elevator failures in the community, and these failures had been solved. According to relevant regulations, the elevator needs to be maintained every 15 days, and the Wuzhou Branch of Guangxi Special Inspection Institute needs to conduct a regular annual inspection every year. During daily maintenance, the computer room, car roof, bottom pit and five-party calls will be checked, and photos will be taken for file keeping. These pictures will also be sent to the property management and the owner group at the same time to facilitate later inspection and supervision.

Elevator daily maintenance records

Zuo Feng said that from March to April every year, due to the wet weather, the probability of abnormal elevator operation will increase, which is very common in the whole southern region. Some high-end brand elevators will be more sensitive to environmental, climate and other factors, and more likely to trigger the elevator fault protection mechanism. When the protection mechanism is triggered, the car will fall to the first floor to automatically open the door. In this process, any button will not work, which will also make the passengers feel that the car suddenly falls and is trapped in the ladder.

Source: Xijiang Metropolis Daily

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