Who will guard the safety of the ride? Some communities in Zhangjiakou "old age" elevator failure



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Who will guard the safety of the ride? Some communities in Zhangjiakou "old age" elevator failure

The elevator is the "first step" to facilitate public travel ". With the service life of the first batch of high-rise residential elevators in Zhangjiakou City exceeding ten years, elevator door failures, abnormal mechanical operation, and trapped people have begun to occur, and the problem of "old" elevators has become increasingly prominent. And the residents can't help but worry, "every other time there is a problem, every day on the ladder are worried." "It always breaks down, and simple maintenance does not cure the root cause. Everyone is worried that the elevator is a" sick "job." "We don't know whether there is any problem with the elevator's old age." ...... In the past few days, many citizens have called the Heshan News "News 110" hotline and expressed concern about the elevator problem in their own communities. To this end, the reporter conducted an investigation and interview on this situation.
Residents are waiting for the elevator.

Lift for half an hour.

Recently, Xiaogang (a pseudonym), the son of Ms. Jia, who lives in the district of Xuanhua District, Zhangjiakou City, experienced an elevator panic.

The community owners reflect the problem of elevator failure.

Ms. Jia lives on the 3rd floor of Unit 2, Building 1, the residential area. The unit building where she is located has 17 floors, with 4 households on each floor, sharing two elevators. At 17:50 that day, 8-year-old Xiaogang entered the elevator car under the sight of his mother, ready to go downstairs to play with his partner. Who knows, the accident happened at the moment the elevator door closed. By then, Ms. Jia had returned home. According to Xiao gang's recollection, after he pressed the button on the first floor, the elevator did not run all the time. when he pressed the door opening button, the elevator door did not respond. in a hurry, he quickly pressed the bell button above the elevator control panel, but after waiting for a while, no one came. Xiao Gang cried out in fear, and his voice caught the attention of his friends and neighbors waiting for him to go downstairs at the elevator entrance on the first floor. Under the telephone notification of the neighbor, Ms. Jia and his wife learned that their son was trapped in the elevator. She immediately notified the community property. A few minutes later, a property staff rushed to the scene to try to open the elevator door lock with the key, but to no avail, so she quickly contacted the elevator maintenance staff. After the maintenance personnel arrived quickly, they checked the elevator door and the elevator system and judged that the problem was the elevator door lock. The door was finally opened under some operation. Ms. Jia said it took about half an hour from the time the child was trapped to the time it was rescued.

Although the process was narrowly missed, the accident made Ms. Jia more and more worried. "This is not the first time that this elevator has had a problem. The opening of the elevator became slow years ago. A few days ago, a neighbor couldn't open the door from the 5th floor to the 1st floor. Finally, the property staff opened the elevator door from the outside." Ms. Jia said, "After that, I reflected with the community property, and everyone also said in the owner group that they all hope to completely eliminate the hidden dangers of elevators."

Afterwards, the reporter came to the community and saw that the elevator in the unit building where Ms. Jia was located was still running, and there was no abnormality yet. Ms. Jia said frankly that the day after the elevator was trapped, she saw staff from the elevator maintenance unit come to Building 1 to check the elevator. However, she and her neighbors found that after the failed elevator stopped on the first floor, the car floor would be about two or three centimeters lower than the floor floor. This hidden danger also worried them.

Regarding the elevator operation safety issues and demands of the residents in the residential area, the relevant person in charge of the residential area property company introduced in the interview that the residential area elevators currently have annual inspection marks. The property company is responsible for the daily hygiene and supervision of the residential area elevators. At ordinary times, they will send staff to monitor the elevator operation. In case of failure, they will notify the maintenance unit as soon as possible, and professionals will arrive to deal with it within half an hour.

Frequent failures are worrying

In fact, the elevator in the building where Ms. Jia is not the only one in the community has failed, and other buildings have similar problems. A resident of building 3, unit 3, told reporters that the elevator of her unit building broke down in February for some unknown reason, and then the neighbors were not sure about taking the elevator. Then, on March 16 and 17, elevator door failures also occurred in Unit 1 of Building 3 and Unit 1 of Building 1 in the community.

Throughout the city, the elevator problem in this community is not an example. Many communities are faced with elevators that are still in operation for more than ten years, and sometimes there are many situations such as elevator door failure and key failure, which affect the safety of residents. Travel.

A few days ago, Mr. Zhang, who lives in the open area, entered the elevator car and pressed the button on the floor where he was located. he found that the elevator was not running upward, and the elevator door was not opened by pressing the door opening button. He quickly called the residential property telephone, and the staff rushed to press the door opening button from outside the elevator before he came out, and immediately notified the elevator maintenance personnel. Two days later, the elevator broke down again. "I moved into the community in 2009, and the elevator has been in use for at least 14 years. In recent years, this elevator often has problems with doors that can't be opened and buttons that don't work, and the property has not been completely solved by looking for someone to repair it again and again, so that everyone is very uneasy to take the elevator and feels that problems may arise at any time." Mr. Zhang bluntly.

In addition, Ms. Li, who lives in Qiaodong District, also reported that her residential area is ten years old. Last year, the unit elevator in her home had a failure, but the abnormal noise during the operation of the elevator was not eliminated after the repair. This made Ms. Li and her neighbors quite worried in the process of taking the ladder. She said: "Everyone needs to take the elevator up and down every day. The abnormal noise indicates that the elevator still has potential safety hazards. The elevator should be thoroughly inspected to give everyone a reassurance."

Where does the old elevator go?

In the face of the current situation that some community elevators are still running, how to ensure their normal work? And how to protect the safety of residents? In the interview, many residents expressed their views, hoping that the operation of the old elevator has a clear and clear protection mechanism.

"Elevators are indeed more prone to problems when they are old, but they cannot be left alone. The key is to find out why they often fail and thoroughly solve the hidden dangers of elevators." Mr. Han said.

"Why can the elevator pass the annual inspection if there is a problem? What is the standard for the elevator inspection?" The citizen Mr. Ma asked.

"Our community was probably handed in the key in 2012. It has been more than ten years now, and the elevator has been used for more than ten years. Is an elevator of this age overdue service? After repair, how can we ensure that the elevator is not working with illness?" ms. Jia said that two years ago, a maintenance fund was used because an elevator component of the unit was damaged. She did not know whether she could apply for the maintenance fund to replace the elevator if necessary.

"The elevator is an essential tool for everyone to get in and out every day. Although the property will contact the maintenance unit in time when the elevator is out of order, you can't make fun of everyone's safety and just wait for something to happen before you deal with it. Can you precondition the problem and eliminate the hidden danger in advance?" Citizen Ms. Wang suggested.

In response to the opinions and suggestions of the residents, the reporter will continue to pay attention to the matter.

Source: Zhangjiakou Evening News

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