Good "Baton" to Stimulate New Kind of Energy-AVIC Elevator Successfully Completed Rotation of First Secretary in Village



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Make good"Baton" Stimulate New Kinetic Energy-AVIC Elevator Successfully Completed Rotation of First Secretary in Village

In order to do a good job in the rotation of the work in the village, pass on the village"Baton" helps rural revitalization. On May 29, under the leadership of Deng Jianglong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of AVIC Elevator, Song Zhongyan, the company's newly selected first secretary in the village, reported to Dansha Village, Daping Street, Wuchuan County, the designated assistance village, and completed the rotation of the members in the village in an orderly manner.

At the symposium,Dansha Village Party Construction Instructor RightNew ReportofThe comrades stationed in the village welcomed them, and at the same time highly affirmed the effectiveness of the last round of assistance work for comrades stationed in the past two years, and hoped thatNewResident VillageFirst Secretary RelayWe should do a good job in all kinds of work in the village and regard rural construction as a big stage for youth struggle.

Later, Deng Jianglong told Comrade Song Zhongyan, the first secretary of the new village.Put forward the request: First, improve the station, strengthen the understanding. It is necessary to recognize the great significance of rural revitalization, strengthen the study of policies related to rural revitalization and village-based business, emphasize practical results, strengthen practical work, grasp implementation, and go all out to complete the mission and tasks. Two is to change the role,Adapt to the environment. To adapt to work and life in the countryside as soon as possible,seriously do a good job of handover,Be the leader of the village and the intimate person of the masses. The third is to consolidate the results of the war and open up the results. To go deepConduct research,Familiar with village situation and public opinionCombined with the village situation and the early support situation,Explore more new ways to help promote the development of Dansha Village.

Song Zhongyan said: We will change roles as soon as possible, adjust our mentality, learn with an open mind, and continuously improve our work ability. With a full state, pragmatic attitude, and solid style, we will go all out to devote ourselves to the rural revitalization work, and strive to provide for the rural revitalization work. A satisfactory answer sheet.


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