A sudden accident at the construction site with an elevator! A man fell to the ground and died!



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A sudden accident at the construction site with an elevator! A man fell to the ground and died!

On the 15th, a citizen reported to the Sichuan Rule of Law News that workers in Building 13, East District, Qingquan Community, Nanchong City, installed elevators and accidentally fell from the installation rack and died. At present, the relevant aftermath work is being processed.
Reporters saw at the construction site of Building 13 in the eastern district of Qingquan Community in Nanchong City that the steel structure of the elevator shaft had been installed, and the elevator machine waiting to be installed was placed beside it. There were no workers on site for construction and no workers on duty. It was a quiet scene.

According to the cleaner of the community, on the morning of May 6, he was cleaning the road between buildings 12 and 13 when he suddenly heard the sound of "Peng". Some people said that he had suffered, and only then did he know that some workers had fallen from the shelf where the elevator was installed. Some people called 120,110, others called 119, and soon ambulances, fire engines and police cars all came.

During the interview, a resident of the community told reporters that the deceased Zheng Moumou was from Yingshan, male, 41 years old, raising 3 children. The man fell and died after being sent to the hospital, and expressed regret.

"After the incident, the district organized a special team led by the district housing and construction bureau to coordinate and deal with the matter. at present, the elevator installation company is negotiating a solution with the family members. our street is also carrying out the emotional counseling work for the family members. up to now, we are satisfied with the negotiation and may have to go to court." Shunqing district wufeng subdistrict office security office staff surnamed Chen told reporters.

The reporter then contacted the director of the Shunqing District Housing and Construction Bureau, surnamed Wang. He told the reporter that they are currently taking the lead with the Emergency Bureau and negotiating with multiple departments, mainly urging the Emou company that installed the elevator to negotiate with the family of the deceased Zheng., Has talked many times.

In the District Emergency Bureau, the relevant person in charge told reporters that after the accident, they, together with the relevant departments at the district level, rushed to the scene of the accident to carry out emergency rescue and investigation work, and reported to the District People's government to set up an accident investigation team to carry out accident investigation. They have organized the company that installed the elevator and the family of the deceased Zheng to coordinate at least six times, because the amount of compensation is quite different and has not been settled yet. At present, they are conducting an accident investigation. If mediation fails, they will have to go through judicial procedures.

When the reporter contacted the person in charge of the elevator installation company named Ke by telephone, he said that he was busy talking with the family of the deceased and was in contact when he was free. Reporters learned from the accident investigation team that the elevator installation company only agreed to pay the 600000 first and settle accounts after the work-related injury was identified.

The family members of the deceased believe that they have to add up to more than 180 million yuan in all aspects. If the 1.2 million is paid first, the compensation can be made after the work-related injury is identified. If the 600000 is paid first, there must be a guarantee.

At present, due to the issue of compensation, the two sides have not reached an agreement, and the relevant departments are still in the process of organization and coordination.

Gou, secretary of the party branch and executive director of the law firm, believes that the accident is a typical safety liability accident. In this accident, the deceased constituted a work-related injury death, and the responsibility should be borne by the elevator installation company. According to the provisions of the Work Injury Insurance Regulations, the elevator installation company that compensates the deceased should bear the death compensation, funeral expenses, and the living expenses of the dependents. The amount will be as high as more than 100 million yuan. In addition, in the event of this safety accident, the elevator installation company may bear administrative responsibility. Here, I appeal to all employers to take safety education as the focus of their work in the process of production and life, and keep in mind that safety accidents are more fierce than tigers, otherwise they will cause family destruction and death and cause major economic losses.

Source: Rule of Law Sichuan

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