The installation of the elevator has not been completed and must be demolished and rebuilt? The emergency rescue channel must be paid attention!



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The installation of the elevator has not been completed and must be demolished and rebuilt? The emergency rescue channel must be paid attention!

A few days ago, the owner of the fund-raising building community in the former local taxation bureau courtyard of Fenghuang Road, Furong Town, Wan 'an County, Ji 'an City, reported to the Jiangxi Morning Post that as early as July 2021, the community applied for the installation of elevators. Two years have passed so far, and the elevators have only built a peripheral framework, which has become a potential safety hazard. "We have found many departments to report, saying that this is not within their jurisdiction, and no one has come forward to solve it. What about our elevator?"

Residents reflect that the installation of elevators has changed into puddles for two years.
On the morning of June 7, the reporter came to the fund-raising building community located in the former local tax bureau courtyard of Fenghuang Road, Furong Town, Wanan County. There are only two buildings in the community. The application for the installation of elevators is two units 1 and 2. The external frame of the elevator has been set up in front of the building, but there is a lot of stagnant water on the base and a lot of sundries floating.
"Our owner handed in the money early and waited for the elevator to be installed, but now two years have passed and it has not been completed. Various departments shirk each other. We really have no choice." Ms. Liu, a resident of the residential area, said that the elevator installation is not only unfinished, but also has potential safety hazards. "After the project was unfinished, there was no fence, and the water was serious. If a child fell in, the consequences would be unimaginable. We talked to the relevant department many times before adding the fence." Ms. Liu said.

"Since it costs money to fix it, it has been stopped and changed during the construction period, why can't we improve the plan in advance? Now it is said that we should tear down the original framework and change the address to build it again, isn't it a waste of money?" Another resident of the community said.
Departmental response: Work stoppage due to imperfect preliminary design scheme and other reasons
Why the problem of elevator installation has not been resolved? In this regard, the reporter came to Wanan County Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau to understand the situation.
According to Xiao Mingfei, a member of the Party Committee of the Wan'an County Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, the community submitted an application for the installation of elevators in 2021 and approved it. The foundation construction began in July of that year and the steel structure construction began in November. In the early stage, due to the poor connection between the two companies of elevator foundation construction and steel structure construction, there was a problem of not constructing according to the drawings, resulting in the installation of steel structure not conforming to the specifications. During this period, rectification was required twice, but some problems have not been completed.
"The previous design was a flat floor entry, so the elevator was installed on the side away from the stairs. At that time, we called on the owner, the design unit, the elevator installation company, and the county and city supervision bureau to go to the site to see it, and they all agreed to the plan." Xiao Mingfei said that since rescue stairs were not required to be installed at the beginning of the design, and later Ji 'an Municipal Supervision Bureau said that rescue stairs must be installed, and through-wall screw connection was required. However, this would damage the wall and was opposed by some residents, resulting in the suspension of elevator installation.
So why not take the rescue stairs into account before installing the elevator? Xiao Mingfei said that the review of the elevator installation plan also needs to be reviewed by the county and city supervision bureau, how to install the elevator, what requirements, are the scope of the city supervision bureau is responsible.
Preliminary plan: the cost of demolition and reconstruction will be borne by the government.
In response, Xiao Jinming, director of Wanan County and Municipal Supervision Bureau, said that before installing the elevator, the installation unit should report to the county and municipal supervision bureau and issue a notice, and then submit the installation notice to Ji 'an Special Equipment Supervision and Inspection Center. Professional personnel will come to the installation site to check and supervise the quality and installation process of the elevator.
"The installation unit did not report, the municipal special equipment supervision and inspection center will not go to see the scene without knowing it, and now only the elevator shaft is built, which is not under the control of the municipal supervision bureau."
The reporter learned that on May 22, Wan'an County had dispatched the problem of installing elevators in the community, and discussed with various departments, elevator installation contractors, designers and owners on May 24 to form a preliminary plan. "The current plan is to remove the original frame and change the installation position of the elevator to the side close to the stairs, so that there is no need to install additional rescue stairs."
Xiao Mingfei said that the plan will be discussed this week or next week, and construction will start in time after confirmation. The reconstruction cost is expected to be around 130000, which will be borne by the government. It is expected that the elevator can be put into use before the end of the year.
Question: Why is there no strict implementation of guidance?
What is the process of installing elevators? The reporter consulted the information to understand that, in order to further improve the use of existing residential functions in our province, to facilitate the lives of the people, as early as 2019, our province issued the "Jiangxi Province urban existing residential elevator installation guidance" (hereinafter referred to as: "opinion").
The Opinions specify that the plan for installing elevators should be submitted before construction, including: the preliminary design plan for installing elevators; Project cost raising plan; The setting of elevator emergency rescue channels; The sharing scheme of elevator operation and maintenance costs (electricity, maintenance and management fees); The entrusted plan for elevator operation and maintenance shall be led by the housing and construction department after the application is accepted, within 5 working days, finance, natural resources, market supervision and other departments shall be organized to conduct joint review. After the joint review is passed, the applicant shall entrust the corresponding qualified units to organize civil construction and elevator installation with the written review opinions of the joint review.
Before the start of construction, the applicant or his entrusted agent shall handle the construction notification in writing to the housing and construction department and the market supervision department and accept supervision. The housing and construction department shall assist in providing the list of corresponding qualified units for the applicant to choose, and supervise the project quality and safety during the construction period. The market supervision department supervises the installation and construction of elevators, and the elevator inspection agency implements the installation supervision and inspection.
There are provisions in the document, the process is also very clear, why the relevant departments of Wanan County but layers of shirking responsibility? People's livelihood issues have been delayed, difficult to respond to, difficult to solve. The installation of elevators is a good thing for the people, and it has also received the support of the residents of the community. However, the relevant departments of Wan'an County did not strictly check the design plan before the construction of the elevator in the community, resulting in various problems in the construction. Now it needs to be demolished and rebuilt. Although the funds are borne by the government, if the relevant departments strictly check the design plan in the early stage and strictly supervise the quality of the construction, it would not have caused today's waste of both human and financial resources.

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