Terror! Women's airport whole leg involved in Hitachi elevator moving sidewalk, amputation on the spot!



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Terror! Women's airport whole leg involved in Hitachi elevator moving sidewalk, amputation on the spot!

Yesterday morning, a very horrible elevator accident occurred at Bangkok airport in Thailand!A careless mistake that everyone may usually make, causing female tourists to be involved in the automatic trail (flat elevator) and amputated on the spot!
Everyone found it incredible-how did the automatic trail, which seemed to have no safety hazard and had a small gap, make the female tourist break her leg?
It is reported that the accident occurred at about 8:30 in the morning. At that time, the 57-year-old Thai female tourist was preparing to go to the southern city of Lo Kun. She dragged her suitcase and hurried through Terminal 2 of Bangkok Airport.
However, the accident happened when she was walking up the automatic walk between gates 4 and 5.Just as the female tourist was about to come to the end of the trailShe stumbled over her pink suitcase.
She fell on the conveyor belt, trying to find her balance and stood up,But the only thing that could support her hand was the slippery edge.The conveyor belt rolled relentlessly forward, drawing her left leg into the machine.
Although the speed of the conveyor belt was not fast, the female tourist could not break free after the left leg was rolled in.Seemingly small gap, but below more than a meter high space!
The female tourist howled in pain and watched helplessly as her left leg was tortured by the pain like a "blunt knife". The muscles and tendons of her left leg were torn in the pulling.
Although passers-by immediately reacted and called the airport staff to turn off the emergency switch of the elevator, they were still a step late.
When the medical first responders arrived, they shook their heads. They made the decision to amputate the woman's leg on the spot,The part of the left leg below the knee was completely amputated.

The scene is called a bloody, horrible!

The female tourist was initially sent to Bangkok's Mipon Adoud Hospital for emergency treatment, but the hospital assessed that the woman's left leg could not be taken back. As a result, the woman was transferred to the local top Kangmin International Hospital, hoping to get a broken leg.

At present, there is no accurate information about whether the woman's leg can be picked up... The price is too heavy!

After the woman was sent to the hospital, the engineering team immediately shut down all automatic trails and began to investigate the cause of the accident and conduct safety inspections.

It can be seen at the scene that the bottom of the woman's pink suitcase has also been worn out, and both wheels have been "eaten" by the elevator ".

At the scene, the staff found,The yellow comb plate (protective effect) at the end of the automatic trail has fallen off.Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the tragedy of female tourists.

The person in charge of the airport said that the moving sidewalk was manufactured by xx Company of Japan and installed in 1996. The original plan was to replace it completely in 2025, and safety inspections and maintenance were usually conducted on time.

At present, it is not clear what factors caused the amputation of the woman besides the comb version. However, Bangkok Airport said it would be fully responsible for the woman's medical expenses and compensation, and was also willing to replace the trail in advance.

Source: Canada New Network

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