Don't "put all your eggs in one basket" to prevent telecom fraud, start with you and me!



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Don't "put all your eggs in one basket" to prevent telecom fraud, start with you and me!


Is there an app?

Not only can you see all the fraud routines

Can also real-time warning, guard your purse

"National Anti-Fraud Center" APP

This is organized and developed by the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security.

A national king fried system

After installation and registration, turn on the warning function,

All kinds of fancy tricks of fraudsters,

Can be automatic real-time defense!

In order to popularize the common sense of preventing telecommunications network fraud,reduce the occurrence of criminal cases of telecommunications network fraud,enhance the people's awareness of fraud and fraud prevention,Build a "firewall" against fraud ",guard the "purse" of the people ",Guard your own "money bag"‍.

"National Anti-Fraud Center" APPPublic SecurityThe Criminal Investigation Bureau of the MinistryHairIt aims to help users maintain the security of telecommunications networks, establish reporting channels for users involved in telecommunications networks, strengthen prevention and publicity, commit to building a good telecommunications network environment, resolutely and strictly protect citizens' privacy and security, strictly abide by the provisions of the the People's Republic of China Network Security Law and relevant laws and regulations, and adopt reasonable and effective information security technology and management system,Prevent user information disclosure or tampering to ensure personal information security.

What functions it has to use
Here to introduce you

You can be provided with anti-fraud protection free of charge. When you receive a phone call, SMS, website address or install an APP suspected of fraud, you can intelligently identify the identity of the swindler and give early warning in time, greatly reducing the possibility of being cheated.

Online reporting of illegal and suspicious telecommunications network fraud provides more anti-fraud clues for the public security.
In the process of using mobile phones, if you find suspicious mobile phone numbers, text messages, gambling, phishing websites, fraudulent apps and other information, you can report them in the "I want to report" module, and the backstage will block them in time.

Push anti-fraud articles regularly, expose the latest fraud cases, and improve the awareness of fraud prevention. At the same time, according to the characteristics of people of different ages and occupations, the risk index of being cheated will be tested to prevent problems before they occur.


Risk inquiry, when involving unfamiliar account transfer, can verify whether the other party's account is involved in fraud, including payment account, IP website, QQ, WeChat, etc., to avoid the risk of funds being cheated in a timely manner.


Real identity verification, when making friends and transferring money on social software, verify the authenticity of the other party's identity and prevent the other party from posing as an identity for fraud.

What should I pay attention to when using APP?

must bear in mind



Real name verification is required.


When using the clue providing, fingertip reporting and number marking functions, identity verification is required first.


The alert function can only be used after the fraud alert permission is enabled.


Must fill in the area, the detailed address must indicate the town street, detailed to the house number.


Fill in all social communication information, is conducive to accurate early warning fraud information.


When using APP, you need to click the "fraud warning" module to authorize mobile phone permissions, such as "floating window", "call record", "photo access", "video access", "access short message", "access address book" and so on. Click [Always Allow]].


Download and install it quickly

Xiao Bian will teach you hand in hand.

"National Anti-Fraud Center" APP Usage

(Note that some functions must be turned on mobile phone permissions)



The whole people participate in the prevention, swindlers have holes difficult to enter.

Quickly drive the people around

Use the "National Anti-Fraud Center" APP together!


Article Source: People's Public Security Newspaper

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