To implement the confidentiality law, you and I are all secret guards.



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In order to thoroughly study and implement the newly revised Law on the the People's Republic of China of Guarding State Secrets, establish the concept of the rule of law to protect state secrets, and safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests, the Central Secrets Office (State Secrets Bureau) released a confidential public welfare propaganda film "One Second" and posters.


Building a defense line of secrecy is everyone's responsibility.


By listing the possible leakage of secrets and the avoidable risk of leakage within one second, the propaganda film profoundly explains the importance of tightening the string of security and secrecy and safeguarding the security of state secrets with vivid and intuitive pictures, and conveys to the whole society the concept of "building a defense line of secrecy together, and everyone is responsible for citizens.

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Video Source: Confidential View


Build a Secret Defense Line to Protect the Safety of the Family and the Country


Three public welfare publicity posters, such as "you and I are all secret guards", "the concept of secrecy by words and deeds" and "secret seal", interpret, publicize and popularize the newly revised secrecy law to the whole society, publicize the concept of keeping state secrets in the new era, and earnestly build a solid security defense line to jointly protect the security of the family and the country.

Poster "You and I are all secret guards"


Poster "the concept of secrecy by words and deeds"


Poster "Secret Seal"

Article Source: Confidentiality View

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