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7Month26On the afternoon of the day, the theme was "comprehensively displaying the achievements of industrial development in our province, making every effort to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality development, and celebrating the founding of New China with outstanding achievements."70The anniversary."2019Guiyang Industrial Products Expo opened in Guiyang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AVIC Elevator), as the only high-tech enterprise producing elevators in Guizhou Province, participated in the exhibition. The booth is located in the intelligent manufacturing and other characteristic equipment exhibition area of Hall 2. The exhibition contents include cars with simulated operation,VRElevator rescue experience, elevator Internet of Things and other cutting-edge technologies and products.

 The main color of AVIC elevator booth is aviation blue, and the center of the booth isVRElevator rescue experience area, you can experience the real scene of the elevator accident;ledThe display screen can scroll and play the company's promotional film; On the right is the elevator Internet of Things display area and the car that simulates the operation of the elevator. Visitors can observe and experience the car produced by the company at close range and understand the role of the Internet of Things in elevator safety accidents.

Although it is only the opening ceremony and has not been officially opened to the public, the booth of AVIC Elevator still welcomed many visitors, most of whom were media reporters and employees of other companies participating in the exhibition. In the experienceVRAfter elevator rescue, understanding the elevator Internet of Things, and taking the elevator produced by the company, visitors said that the highly simulatedVRThe rescue made me feel the process of elevator failure. Through the explanation and teaching of the on-site staff, I realized all-round and no dead angle learning of elevator accident self-rescue. In this exhibition, AVIC Elevator not only hopes to be a disseminator of elevator safety knowledge, but also hopes to be a leader in the elevator industry in Guizhou, provoking the burden of driving the development of the elevator industry in Guizhou, and working hard for the mission of building a national elevator brand!



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