AVIC Elevator Launches Party Class on the Theme of "Do not forget your initiative mind, Keeping in Mind Mission"



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In order to further tighten the party's political discipline and rules and effectively improve the company's party members' awareness of honesty and integrity, and in combination with the arrangement of the higher-level party Committee's "Do not forget your initiative mind, keep in mind the mission" theme education, on October 9, the party Committee of AVIC elevator company organized a brief analysis of the special party lesson on party discipline and punishment regulations. the keynote speaker was comrade Li zhi, member of the party Committee of AVIC elevator party Committee and secretary of discipline inspection Commission, all party members of the company to participate in party class learning.

Comrade Li Zhi explained the highlights and characteristics of the newly revised Code of Integrity and self-discipline of the Communist Party of China and the regulations on Disciplinary actions of the Communist Party of China (hereinafter referred to as the "Code" and "regulations"), and the necessity and importance of revising the Code and regulations in combination with the educational work arrangement on the theme of "never forget the original ideal and ambition and bear in mind the mission" and the requirements of comprehensively and strictly administering the party in the new era, the impact and role of the revision of the "Guidelines" and "Regulations", the interpretation of relevant laws and regulations in the form of explanation cases, clarified the thinking and requirements for the company's party members to further study and implement the "Guidelines" and "Regulations.

After the training, party members expressed that they would strengthen their responsibilities, combine the implementation of the Guidelines and Regulations with the daily operation and management of AVIC Elevator Company, strengthen daily management and supervision, strengthen the concept of discipline, and create a clean, honest and positive The upward management environment ensures the long-term and healthy development of the company.


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