"I and My Motherland" Feeling after Watching-Tian Huai, Technical Party Branch



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On October 11, under the organization of the company's technical and quality party branch, I had the honor to watch the current popular patriotic theme movie "me and my motherland". "My motherland and I cannot be separated for a moment...", When the song sounded and the fluttering red flag appeared on the big screen, the excitement and pride in my heart came into being. The whole film is divided into seven units, from the eve of the founding of New China in 1949 to the 2015 Victory Day military parade, each unit tells an exciting historical event.

"Eve" tells the story of the night before the founding of New China, in order to ensure the smooth raising of the national flag the next day, everyone's efforts and efforts are for the four words-"foolproof". Especially when Lin Zhiyuan, who was afraid of heights, climbed up the flagpole to do welding in Tiananmen Square in the early morning, I was really excited.

"Encounter" tells the historical events of the successful development of the atomic bomb. Although most of them are plateau girlfriends and he appealed to the past on the bus, we can experience a scientific researcher after receiving the country's call to do secret research. The mood when he left his family silently and could not get in touch with his family. In the end, they used their lives in exchange for another progress in our country. Their deeds are proud, and they are the heroes of the people.

In contrast, this paragraph of "winning the championship" is not as serious and sad as the first two paragraphs. When seeing Dong Dong in order to let everyone see the live broadcast of the women's volleyball team and watch Xiaomei who is about to go, it really makes people laugh with tears. Although Dong Dong finally chose to let everyone see the live broadcast and missed the gift of Xiaomei, the ending was good. Our women's volleyball team lived up to expectations and won the championship. The two also met again in the end.

Seven chapters in different styles continue our common history, which is wonderful and touching. We have today's national peace and security, all by their lives and sweat. It is hard to come by, and we should cherish it doubly.


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