The Party Branch of AVIC Elevator Manufacturing Center Launches Volunteer Service Theme Party Day Activities of "Promoting Production with Practical Work and Practicing Initial Mission"



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In order to continue to carry out in-depth education on the theme of "never forget the original ideal and ambition and bear in mind the mission", implement the working concept of party building around production to promote development, and demonstrate the political character of party members and cadres who bravely act as good deeds, on the evening of October 22, the party branch of the manufacturing center of AVIC elevator company organized party members, development targets and activists to carry out voluntary service theme party day activities of "promoting production through hard work and fulfilling the original mission, under the leadership of Comrade Chen Jie, Secretary of the Party branch, he went deep into the front line to devote himself to his post and made contributions, assisting each production post to complete the production work by surprise.

Before the start of the activity, Comrade Chen Jie stressed that the activity should not be a mere formality, but should be actively put into practice and do things in a down-to-earth manner. Branch members should carry forward the dedication spirit of "Party members are a brick of revolution, where they need to be moved", obey the unified arrangement of workers in production posts, and ensure the safety of post production. Subsequently, a total of 18 party members, development targets and activists went to the positions of blanking, welding, tripod, plastic spraying and electrical assembly to assist in completing the relevant production work.

In production, although everyone is not skilled in the professional skills of each post, they all carefully ask to obey the overall arrangement of the team leader and complete the task with good quality and quantity. The activity lasted for two hours. Although it could not play a substantial role in production, it demonstrated the original intention and mission of a party member with practical actions, and played the vanguard and exemplary role of grassroots party organizations and party members.

This volunteer service activity made party members deeply feel that party members are a banner, and they must shoulder the responsibility on their shoulders and have the spirit of "bricks".


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