AVIC Elevator to the Company's Targeted Poverty Alleviation Point-Dawo Village to Carry out Pre-holiday Sympathy Activities



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On September 20, a sympathy group composed of the party and government work group of AVIC Elevator, with the deepest care and greetings of all the leaders and employees of the company, went to Dawo Village, Tuanxi Town, Bozhou District, to help the poor village designated by the company to express sympathy to the village cadres who stick to the front line of poverty alleviation.

After arriving in Dawo Village, the condolences group and the village committee and village cadres organized a symposium. At the meeting, Chen Xing, secretary of the Party branch of Dawo Village, introduced the achievements in the fight against poverty and the development process in the past year. Problems, he also mentioned the three main external factors that restrict the development of Dawo Village-water source, transportation, and industry. Now a group water problem has been solved by building a reservoir, the main routes in the village have also changed from the original mud road to the current hard cement road. At present, only a short section has not been completed, but more exploration is needed in industrial development. At present, only a small number of villagers have the conditions to grow large-scale flue-cured tobacco, and the annual income of these villagers can reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, but a large number of villagers do not have the conditions to grow large-scale flue-cured tobacco. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to explore generally suitable industrial development projects. When the condolence group listened to Chen Xing's achievements in the fight against poverty, they all showed a happy smile. Li Xu, secretary of the sales party branch of AVIC Elevator, said that all the soldiers who stick to the front line of poverty alleviation are our heroes. It is hard-won for Dawo Village to achieve the current achievements in poverty alleviation. I hope that all the village leaders in Dawo Village will continue to Do not forget your initiative mind and forge ahead, for Dawo Village to win the battle against poverty to the end. At the same time, AVIC Elevator will continue to devote itself to the fight against poverty in the future, and join hands with the village cadres of Dawo Village Committee to contribute to the early development of Dawo villagers towards a well-off society!


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