Years of extraordinary Do not forget your initiative mind, AVIC Elevator Political Work Party Branch Jointly with Technical Quality Party Branch to Carry out July 1 Theme Party Day Activities



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In order to solemnly commemorate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, review the glorious history of the party, inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition and fine style of the party, further study Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and guide the majority of party members to build consensus on reform and strengthen their sense of purpose. Strive to create a new situation in the development of AVIC Elevator in a new era. On July 4, the party branch of AVIC elevator political work, together with party members of the technical and quality party branch, development targets and activists, went to the battle site of renhuai luban to carry out the theme party day of "reviewing history and remembering party kindness" and activities to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the party.

In the morning, all the staff came to the Red Army Martyrs Cemetery in Luban Town to pay tribute to the revolutionary martyrs. In front of the Red Army Martyrs Monument, Comrade Wang Fuye, secretary of the Party Branch of the Political Work Party, introduced the heroic deeds of the Red Army's Luban Field. All party members presented flower baskets and observed a moment of silence to the revolutionary martyrs who died in the Luban Field, looked at the monument, and revisited the party. The oath to express high respect for the martyrs of the Red Army.

The party members then visited the Luban Field Battle Site Exhibition Hall. By visiting the exhibition hall, everyone clearly realized that the Luban field battle was an important battle during the Red Army's Long March. Although the Red Army sacrificed 489 people and injured more than 1,000 people, the significance of the Luban field battle was to upset Chiang Kai-shek's "gathering and annihilating the Red Army". The strategic plan of "Southwest Zunyi" created conditions for the safe transfer of tens of thousands of Red Army.

In the afternoon, all party members visited the Red Army Long March over Maotai Exhibition Hall. Under the eloquence of the commentator of the exhibition hall, all party members learned about the whole process of the Red Army's four crossing of Chishui, paid tribute to the elegant demeanor of the revolutionary ancestors, relived the glorious history of the party, recalled bitterness and sweetness, and triggered respect. Finally, all party members were organized to carry out interesting party history knowledge competitions, which further improved party members' mastery of party constitution, party rules, party discipline, and party history knowledge.

This event is not only a study and review of history, but also to review history and remember the party's purpose of struggle-serving the people wholeheartedly. Every party member should maintain a high degree of advancement in thought, guide the line with thinking, always keep in mind the mission on his shoulders, devote himself to work with a full spirit, and contribute his own strength to the company's development to a new high!


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