Years of extraordinary Do not forget your initiative mind, AVIC Elevator Engineering Center Party Branch Launches July 1 Theme Party Day Activities



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In order to commemorate the ninety-ninth anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, encourage the majority of party members to strengthen their beliefs, practice the party's purpose, and better play the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, on July 3, the party branch of the AVIC Elevator Engineering Center organized all party members to the Gouba Conference The site carried out activities to visit revolutionary sites.

All Party members have retaken the Mao Zedong trail at the site of the revolution. In 1935, after the Central Red Army re-occupied Zunyi City after crossing Chishui, the march came to this land and held the famous Gouba Conference here. This winding path was passed by Chairman Mao carrying a lantern to Zhou Enlai in the middle of the night on March 10, 1935. This trip canceled a risky military operation and avoided a possible major loss to the Central Red Army.


Then the party members arrived at Huamao Village, where they could see the mountains, see the water, and remember their homesickness. The residential buildings in northern Guizhou, the beautiful handicrafts and the smiles on their faces made the party members feel the achievements of poverty alleviation. During this period, all the party members also experienced the process of making pottery pots in the ceramic art museum.

In the end, all party members visited the site of the Gouba Conference, reviewed the history of the party's struggle and the glorious history of the party, and carried out activities to review the party oath. All party members wore the party emblem, raised their right hands, clenched their fists, and solemnly swore.


Do not forget your initiative mind, keeping in mind the mission, is the most sincere and strong feeling of all party members and comrades for the party from the bottom of their hearts. This event allowed all party members to keep in mind the responsibilities and missions of party members, not forget their original aspirations, devote themselves to work with more enthusiasm, and always maintain the political qualities of the Communists in the new era.


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