Dragon Boat Festival Condolences and Sends Warmth-AVIC Elevator Company Went to Dawo Village to Carry out Pre-festival Condolences



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In order to consolidate the early achievements of poverty alleviation and ensure the realization of stable poverty alleviation, on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival on June 17, AVIC Elevator Company went deep into twinning to help the village-Dawo Village, Tuanxi Town, Bozhou District, Zunyi City, to carry out pre-holiday sympathy activities to send holiday blessings to the staff of Dawo Village.

Zhang Weihua, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the company, and his party held a symposium with the two committees of Dawo Village Branch in the village committee office. The two sides exchanged views on the specific use of the 30,000 yuan of poverty alleviation funds helped by the company in 2019 and the relevant poverty alleviation consolidation results. The secretary of the village branch also informed the development strategy and plan for poverty alleviation in 2020.

Zhang Weihua said that Dawo Village should combine actual conditions, develop stable and sustainable poverty alleviation industries in accordance with local conditions, actively explore the interest linkage mechanism for industrial poverty alleviation to drive the income of poor households, select and build industries, and drive more poor households to participate in the industry and Realize industrial income and get rid of poverty and become rich.


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