By taking the wind of "the belt and road initiative", AVIC Elevator has made a good start in foreign trade!



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In October 2019, under the new situation of foreign trade and export of the national strategy "Belt and Road Initiative", the company successfully won the Kyrgyzstan project order with the advantages of advanced design concepts and high-quality products, and won a good start for AVIC Elevator to open up overseas markets.

Foreign countries have high standards for elevators. To enter the market, one must be familiar with the rules. AVIC Elevator has hired a professional manager to be responsible for the company's export sales business. At the beginning of August, the company successfully obtained the "EAC Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan Customs Union Certification" certificate, opening the door to the markets of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, laying the foundation for the company's export projects.



In mid-August, in Kyrgyzstan, AVIC Elevator went abroad for the first time, competing with international elevator brands from Europe, South Korea, Turkey and other countries, and competed fiercely in a number of projects. In the end, AVIC Elevator defeated the international first-class elevator brand and won the Kyrgyzstan elevator project. In October, the person in charge of the Gisstein project went to the company for an on-the-spot investigation. After having a detailed understanding of the company's technical research and development strength and modern manufacturing mode, the person in charge of the Gisstein project affirmed the overall strength of the company, immediately signed the purchase contract, and conducted in-depth exchanges on the next cooperation matters.

So far, AVIC Elevator has realized the "two hands" in the domestic and foreign markets, and gradually expanded the company's sales territory. I believe that with the company's rich market service experience and product development concept, it will perfectly deliver the products to customers, establish a typical case of AVIC Elevator in foreign and even international markets, and become an important force representing Chinese elevator brands to participate in international competition and compete with foreign well-known brands.





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