Ming Fa Shouli, Safe Ladder | AVIC Elevator Launching Elevator Safety into Community and Emergency Rescue Exercise



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Ming Fa Shouli, Safe Ladder | AVIC Elevator Launching Elevator Safety into Community and Emergency Rescue Exercise

8At 10: 00 a.m. on January 29, in order to earnestly fulfill the responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, show the responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, guide citizens to take ladders in a civilized manner and use ladders safely, and promote Zunyi city to deepen the construction of a civilized city in the country, it is sponsored by Zunyi city market supervision bureau and xinpu new district market supervision bureau, and undertaken by Guizhou Zhonghang elevator co., ltd. and Zunyi zhongjian property management co. the theme, ltd!" The safe entry into the community and emergency rescue drill was successfully held in Xinpu New District.

Yao Guoliang, Deputy Director of Zunyi Market Supervision Bureau, Li Tianguo, Section Chief of Zunyi Market Supervision Bureau, Zhao Yuanchu, Deputy Director of Xinpu New District Market Supervision Administration, Li Jianhua, Party Member of Xinpu New District Market Supervision Administration and Director of Market Service Center, AVIC Elevator Party Committee Member and Executive Deputy General Manager Fan Chuanchi, Assistant General Manager and Senior Engineer Yang Xiancheng of AVIC Elevator, Zunyi City Market Supervision Bureau Relevant leaders attended the event.

Yao Guoliang delivered a speech and announced the official start of the elevator emergency rescue drill. He first affirmed the practical spirit of AVIC Elevator to earnestly fulfill its corporate safety responsibility and actively participate in the construction of civilized cities. At the same time, he also said that strengthening emergency drills is an important basic work, doing a good job in the safe operation of elevators and emergency drills, and organizing the public to participate in emergency drills, which plays an important role in avoiding the risk of taking elevators and ensuring the safety of people taking elevators.

The atmosphere of the emergency drill was serious and tense, and the scene was orderly. At 10:30, more than 10 passengers in Area B of China Construction Happiness City simulated that during the elevator ride, the elevator could not operate normally due to a power outage and was trapped in the elevator. The trapped personnel use the emergency alarm device and alarm number in the car to call for help. After receiving the call for help, the maintenance personnel of AVIC Elevator Company immediately rushed to the scene to understand the situation and started the emergency rescue procedure to carry out the rescue. During the rescue process, the maintenance personnel comforted the trapped people, stabilized their emotions, and made emergency rescue. Finally, the trapped people were safely rescued, and the elevator resumed normal operation.

After the fire drill, Yang Xiancheng made a comment speech as the commander-in-chief of the emergency rescue drill. He said: There is no small matter in front of safety. Building civilization depends on everyone. Creating high-quality products and services is the unremitting pursuit of AVIC Elevator. The emergency rescue drill can not only enhance the emergency handling ability of elevator maintenance personnel, but also improve citizens' awareness of safe and civilized elevator riding, so as to promote community harmony and social harmony, AVIC Elevator will be more actively involved in the construction of civilized cities. Through the development of similar public welfare activities, it will play the leading role of state-owned enterprises in taking the lead in fulfilling the responsibility of social co-construction, and add luster to the construction of civilized cities in Zunyi!

At the end of the event, in order to further enhance residents' awareness of safety and civilized riding, AVIC Elevator set up a prize-winning question-and-answer session. The host on the stage interacted with the audience off the stage. The citizens raised their hands to answer, and the atmosphere was relaxed and active.

The complete success of this exercise shows that AVIC Elevator can continuously carry out high-quality service operations, and on the basis of enhancing the owners' sense of security, it is also making continuous efforts to improve itself. In the future, AVIC Elevator will continue to study diversified ways and methods to improve high-quality services. While improving product quality, it will also carry out colorful public welfare activities, enter the community, enter the campus, spread positive social energy, and help deepen the construction of civilized cities. Work, lead national enterprises to promote the new fashion of social harmony!


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