AVIC Elevator Opens "2020 National Elevator Industry Vocational Skills Competition" Trial Channel



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AVIC Elevator Open"2020 National Elevator Industry Vocational Skills Competition" preliminary selection channel


In order to strengthen the company's reserve personnel training efforts, improve the level of professional skills of employees, while selecting the currentContestants of the "National Elevator Vocational Skills Competition", on September 26, AVIC Elevator held the opening ceremony of the "2020 National Industry Vocational Skills Competition-National Elevator Industry Vocational Skills Competition. The event was presided over by Fan Chuanchi, member of the company's party committee and executive deputy general manager. Hu Ming, secretary of the company's party committee and chairman, Zhang Weihua, deputy secretary of the party committee, and Yang Xiancheng, assistant to the general manager, attended the opening ceremony.



Hu Ming's opening speech, he said: AVIC Elevator has achieved extraordinary results for several consecutive years since it participated in the "Elevator Industry Vocational Skills Competition" in 2017. This is inseparable from the company's training and everyone's efforts. In order to cultivate more successor talents, the company Continuously improve various software and hardware facilities to provide everyone with more learning opportunities. I hope everyone can make full use of the on-site conditions, continuously enrich themselves, and give full play to their life value.



After the opening ceremony, in order to select the best participating representatives, the company inspected the contestants who signed up for the competition. The inspection was divided into theoretical and practical examinations. In the examination room, the invigilators are serious and carefully check the examinee's information to prevent all cheating. The contestants are calm and calm, sometimes think seriously, operate their hands at full speed, do not give way to each other, and try their best to give full play to their best and strongest strength.



This selection will last for three days. I wish all the contestants an excellent result!


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