Bijie SASAC Visits AVIC Elevator



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Bijie SASAC Visits AVIC Elevator


10Month19On the morning of the 15th, he Yongfen and Wen Dingming, members and deputy directors of the party committee of Bijie SASAC, and Guo Shaoyuan, deputy director of the party committee of Bijie SASAC, led Bijie City12The head of the household supervision enterprise visited the Air China Elevator. Zunyi SASACParty Committee Member and Deputy Director Li Daqing accompanied the visit,Hu Ming, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of AVIC Elevator, Zhu Jie, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager, and Zhang Weihua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, introduced the basic situation of the company.



Through visiting the exhibition hall, intelligent manufacturing plant (Party branch of manufacturing center), Party member activity room, etc., the inspection team learned in detail.The reform process of AVIC elevator, elevator Internet of things, talent selection, party building work, etc.Situation. Hu Ming said: Since its establishment, AVIC Elevator has been actively exploring new methods for the reform and development of state-owned enterprises, especially inAfter the establishment of the Party Committee in 2013, the company built the foundation through Party building and led by Party building, which well stimulated the entrepreneurial passion of Party members and employees of the company. On this basis, the company vigorously promotes the implementation of mixed ownership reform, actively participates in domestic and international elevator skills competitions, pays close attention to personnel training, internal management, and external image. The company's operating income has greatly increased, and its products have also gone abroad to the world.



After the visit, the inspection group fully affirmed the experience and practice of the mixed ownership economic reform of AVIC Elevator,He YongfenHe said: This trip has provided a lot of practical experience for the reform, development and innovation of state-owned enterprises in Bijie City. The party building work characteristics, supervision and management system, talent training system, and innovative development model of AVIC Elevator are all worth learning and learning in the reform process. The achievement of AVIC Elevator today is inseparable from keeping up with the pace of the times and correctly responding to the call of the country. I wish AVIC Elevator will continue to maintain the spirit of passion and entrepreneurship in the future and become a model of state-owned enterprises driving the development of the industry..


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