In the future, the elevator industry innovation road how to go?



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In the future, the elevator industry innovation road how to go?

We have entered an era of the Internet of Things. It can be said that the Internet of Things is a new technology that affects more and more aspects of people's lives after the second generation of the Internet. This new technology is through a kind of hardware, the dribs and drabs of our lives 360 degrees without any dead angle record.

For example, if you have a sweeping robot at home, the sweeping robot will record the size, orientation and other information of your family during the sweeping process. Compared with intelligent elevators, it can monitor elevator operation status data, daily operation business and hidden dangers, elevator quality evaluation, etc. in real time. These data will be recorded permanently. What value and function does such data play?

With the development of 5G technology in China, we are seeing more and more objects and objects connected by things-how will they affect our lives and what the future business model will look like.

What is a Scenario Business Model?

Since the Internet of Things, as a hardware device, has penetrated into all aspects of our lives, how can we look at our lives in a multi-faceted and digital way?

We have a definition that life becomes a scene, which can be digitally recorded. For example, after getting up in the morning, your watch will record your heartbeat and blood pressure at that time. This is health-related data. After breakfast, you can send your child to school. This is a scene. After putting your child in school, you may encounter congestion, then you may get on the highway and finally arrive at the company. It seems to be only half an hour to an hour, but in fact, it has experienced different scenes, and these different scenes are recorded digitally.

The surveillance screen shows a little girl sitting alone in the elevator. As a result, the elevator stopped. After the elevator door opened, there was a wall outside. Fortunately, the little girl was wearing a phone watch on her wrist and contacted her family. The family quickly contacted the elevator maintenance staff, and at the same time kept comforting the little girl on the phone and instructing her what to do. Eventually the elevator returned to normal and the little girl quickly ran out. The performance of the little girl in the picture is very good, even an adult can't be so calm, people can't help but praise her!

Elevator safety has always been the focus of national policy. Elevator safety policy at the national level can be traced back to the 2003 Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations. In 2018, the importance of elevator safety was once again reiterated by the state, and the national "Opinions on Strengthening Elevator Quality and Safety Work" was officially issued and implemented, clearly stating that it is necessary to "further strengthen elevator safety and quality work".

The continuous evolution of technology is creating more possibilities for elevator safety. Smart elevators can not only monitor elevator operation in real time, but also monitor some daily uncivilized elevator riding behaviors. In the case, the little girl should take the elevator alone, and there is a certain danger in itself. If you blessing the smart elevator, you will find it in the first time and transmit it in the first time, and comfort and correct guidance will be carried out in the first time to avoid some unsafe faults.

In China, there are high security requirements for travel scenarios and tools, generally have achieved platform or unified technology standardization and standardized management. For example, cars, currently more than 0.2 billion cars in China are equipped with GPS on-board navigation, while thousands of aircraft have black boxes to manage safety information and data.

However, elevators, which belong to the same high-frequency travel scene, have been decoupled from the safety platform for decades. The 2019 China Elevator Industry Trend Report shows that in 2018, the number of elevators in China reached 6.278 million. With such a volume of elevator ownership, it is conservatively estimated that hundreds of millions of carrying tasks can be completed every day, and the importance of safety management is self-evident.

With the arrival of 5G, in the face of high-closed and low-tech elevators, the equipment interconnection speed and efficiency provided by 5G will enable real-time interconnection between the equipment inside the ladder and the equipment outside the ladder, so that the safety of the equipment inside the ladder can be monitored in real time, thus effectively improving the safety of the entire elevator scene.

Although 5G can theoretically turn elevators into a scene that can be managed in real time, it is necessary for more than 6 million elevators in China to have a unified safety platform. Under the current situation that elevator manufacturers are separated, the elevator Internet of Things supervision service platform is a reliable and feasible scheme.

The elevator IOT supervision service can provide a unified and efficient platform for government departments, elevator enterprises, elevator users, maintenance units and elevator owners, strengthen government supervision, improve enterprise work efficiency, ensure the safety of elevator riding, and meet the specific needs of government departments, elevator maintenance units, elevator users and owners. With the development of the industrial chain, more demand and market entry points appear, the introduction of "insurance services" to solve the pain points of the industry, the establishment of a multi-party win-win business model, and truly achieve marketization.

For the entire elevator industry, the elevator IOT supervision service platform makes full use of the integrated application of new generation information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things. In the future, safety and wisdom will become the core capabilities of elevator scenes and provide community residents with comfort, Safe and convenient elevator environment.

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