Five additional elevators in this residential area were completed at the same time, "the wish to go up and down easily has come true"



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This neighborhoodFive additional elevators were completed at the same time, "the wish to go up and down easily has come true"

"The wish to go up and down the stairs easily has finally come true. It is more convenient to go downstairs to buy vegetables and see a doctor!" Recalling the scene of the completion of the elevator, the residents of Tonghe six villages in Baoshan District are still full of joy. In front of the residential building in the distance, five or six elderly people sat around the courtyard and chatted.
























On October 23, five additional elevators were completed in buildings 125, 124, 122, 119 and 114 of Tonghe six villages, Zhangmiao street, Baoshan, Shanghai. residents bid farewell to the "climbing era".
On October 28, surging news reporters came to building 125, tonghe village 6, to experience the operation of installing elevators. Entering the elevator, the interior is clean and tidy. The elevator in the building has seven floors, and the bottom has the function of intelligent credit card. The elevator runs very smoothly, the space is moderate, and it can accommodate wheelchairs in and out freely.

As early as the end of last year, Tonghe six villagesOn the 125, a lively discussion on installing elevators began. Especially the residents on the sixth and seventh floors of residential buildings, they all know that Party branch secretary Xu Meizhen is "plotting" good things with building leader Jin Hongdi-communicating with all parties to install elevators.

























For this reason, whenever they meet Xu Meizhen, they are like seeing"Savior", "Auntie help, when will the elevator be installed in our community?" Xu Meizhen took the trouble to answer, "You are interested, let's start together to see how many people in our corridor want to install the elevator."
According to Xu Meizhen, Tonghe Sixth VillageNo. 125 is the first corridor to start the elevator installation process. No. 125 is a staircase with four households, with a total of 7 floors and 28 households. To install an elevator, the owner of each household needs to sign and confirm. For the rented house, Xu Meizhen needs to contact the landlord to sign a letter of intent.xu meizhen started to investigate,Building 125 borrows a lot of houses, and the family situation of each household is different, which virtually increases the difficulty of installing elevators.
xu meizhen introduced,There is a household on the 125 floor. In addition to this house in Tonghe Sixth Village, another school district house is also paying off the mortgage. Repayment itself is a long process, coupled with the worry about the cost of installing elevators, the family has little interest in installing elevators.
After learning about this situation, Xu Meizhen and Jin Hongdi came to their door to do ideological work, telling them that after installing elevators, the living convenience of the house will improve and it will definitely appreciate,"If there is a burden on money, I will let them not worry. We can pool money to help advance it first." Slowly, the family agreed to install the elevator.
And there'sA couple in their early fifties on the first floor of No. 125 have no need to install elevators themselves, and they have to endure noise for no reason. This is very difficult for community workers to do their work.
Due to the busy work, the family sometimes comes back at 12.1 two o'clock in the evening, and the elevator starts construction very early in the morning. Many neighbors will be watching and talking loudly. In addition, the sound of the construction itself will have a certain impact on the sleep of the residents on the first floor."Third Sister, our door is too noisy." When Xu Meizhen heard their complaints, she communicated with the onlookers: people all go to work, and the nature of each job is different, so she should be considerate of others. Over time, she became the "old uncle" of the residents on the first floor and other onlookers, adjusting the needs of the neighbors and allowing everyone to live in harmony.
In addition to residents who do not want to install elevators, Xu Meizhen and Jin Hongdi have to balance those residents who urgently want to install elevators.
























Ah, it's best to install an elevator for help. You see that my old Zhang is sick. He wants to come back and have a look, even if it is good to take a look." Xu Meizhen said that in a household on the fourth floor, the male and female owners are in their early 60 s, and the male owner is getting worse and worse. Now he has been living in the hospital for more than a year for treatment, and his daughter is taking care of him. He wanted to come back and see his home, but the fourth floor was so high that he couldn't get up. Sometimes his family drove the car to the door and looked downstairs.
"This time the elevator was completed, his daughter bought two large bags of chocolate and shared them with everyone." Xu Meizhen said that the family saw the elevator installed and planned to move back to live when their condition improved.Residents in the corridorAfter 100 percent agreed to install elevators, Su Zhiying, Xu Meizhen and Jin Hongdi, secretaries of the residential area of Tonghe Sixth Village, Zhangmiao Street, Baoshan District, after repeated comparisons, finally chose an elevator with considerable cost performance and quality. If residents have doubts about the price and process of construction, Xu Meizhen will take out paper documents to explain in detail to ensure that every household understands.
"These five elevators were shut down during the epidemic, and at the same time they were renovated and installed for a total of one month. This is a project for the benefit of the people, and the inconvenience caused by the construction was understood by everyone, so the project was successfully completed." Elevator construction staff told reporters.
In front of the residential building, from time to time, residents who are inconvenient to move come down and walk around. In the distance, five or six elderly people sit around and chat.

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