The installation of elevators in the old residential area was blocked by a chapter. Jinan Mayor Sun Shutao: Coincidentally, so is my building!



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The installation of elevators in the old residential area was blocked by a chapter. Jinan Mayor Sun Shutao: Coincidentally, so is my building!

Residents of a community in Changqing District of Jinan provide application materials to the local street office. The application stated that their community wanted to install elevators and all the owners reached an agreement. However, the official seal on the material has not been covered.

Mr. Liu is the owner of Huifu Mingshiju Community in Changqing District. In August this year, he saw an advertisement for installing elevators in the corridor. Considering the majority of elderly residents in the corridor, he decided to add elevators. Taking into account the actual needs, the residents of Huifu Mingshiju Community all agreed to install elevators and quickly raised funds. A few days later, the elevator company entrusted by Huifu Mingshiju completed the publicity in the corridor as required.

According to the ''Measures for Adding Elevators to Existing Residential Buildings in Jinan City, ''after the expiration of the publicity period for the application for adding elevators, the construction unit shall present the declaration form verified and approved by the sub-district office (town government), the authenticity commitment of the declaration materials, and the planning and design plan. Apply to the natural resources and planning department for planning review procedures. However, after the application materials were submitted on September 21, Wenchang Street, where Huifu Mingshiju Community is located, has not been stamped on the relevant materials.

Why can't the owner cover a chapter in the office when he is 100% in favor of the application for installing elevators?

On October 22, the reporter and the owner Mr. Liu found the Wenchang Sub-district Office in Changqing District, Jinan City, and were told that the official seal was in the Party-Mass Service Center. The reporter came to the party and mass service center, and the staff told the reporter that the official seal is not in the party and mass service center. The reporter and Mr. Liu had to return to the Wenchang subdistrict office, but the office staff said that you had to go to the party-mass service center. The reporter and Mr. Liu had to come to the party mass service center again. The staff of the party-mass service center said: you coordinate with him. There is no control here, each has its own public affairs.
After many inquiries, the reporter contacted a staff member of Wenchang Sub-district Office by telephone. The staff member replied like this: You asked me to stamp, can I build it? I don't know who you are looking for, I know who you are looking.

On October 23, the reporter reflected the problems encountered by the owners to the Housing and Construction Bureau of Changqing District, Jinan City. The staff of the Housing and Construction Bureau told reporters that the responsible units had been implemented at the meeting.

On the same day, the reporter and Mr. Liu contacted Wenchang Street Office again. The staff told reporters: I haven't touched it before, and I don't know how to do it yet. I just got the document back and haven't studied it yet. I'll contact you then.

As of press time, the reporter got in touch with Mr. Liu again. Mr. Liu told reporters that as of today (November 5) there has been no reply.

In response to the situation reflected in the film, Jinan Mayor Sun Shutao said: It is really a coincidence to ask this question today, because the building where my house is located is also being added with elevators, and I have encountered the same problem of blocking my heart. I am the mayor and a citizen of Jinan. The problems I can encounter can be encountered by others. The functional department that introduced the system only cares about the system, regardless of its implementation. The system is clearly written, who is responsible and sealed, but who is responsible for the specific, functional departments have not implemented. These staff should not have a bad attitude. The big reason is that the responsibilities are not clear.
Ding Yong, deputy district chief of Changqing District, Jinan City, said: Changqing District is pushing this work for the first year this year. Special arrangements and arrangements have been made for this work in the early stage. From what I know, although the number of elevators applied for installation is not large so far, the overall situation is relatively normal. The problems reflected in the film may be individual phenomena, and the attitude and work style of the staff towards the people are wrong, very should not. After the program, we will organize personnel to understand the reason as soon as possible, investigate the matter clearly within two working days, and give you a result.
On April 30 this year, Jinan City issued a document to comprehensively carry out the "good and bad evaluation" work at the four levels of city, district and county, street and town, and community (village). Sun Shutao, mayor of Jinan City, said: it will definitely not be praised. None of the problems reflected in "asking the government in Shandong" can not be solved, which shows that the problem is not that it can not be solved or solved well. The key is that there is something wrong with our ideology and the purpose of serving the people. The people are certainly not satisfied with this. "In Quancheng, complete completion" is a promise made by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government to all citizens. We continue to strengthen education and improvement of the work style and ideological problems in our work, and strive to make the people feel in a shorter time. "In Quancheng, complete completion" is not empty talk.


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