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Enterprise culture| Book Infiltrates Heart, Reading Grows with Me-AVIC Elevator Youth League Committee Held Reading Sharing Meeting

With the book as a companion, live up to youth. Autumn last winter, in this cold winter, books can bring comfort to people, reading can bring warmth to people . In order to enrich the amateur life of the company's employees and form a good reading atmosphere,On the afternoon of December 11, the Youth League Committee of Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AVIC Elevator") held a "Book infiltrate the soul, reading grows with me-reading sharing exchange meeting". More than 10 young comrades from various departments of the company gathered together to share their reading experience and insights.


The Catcher in the Rye

Jerome· David Salinger

Recommended by: Wang Yang Qiuxue

People lost themselves, devoid of self, towardThe alienation state of "non-human" is reduced, and the society is also falling towards the alienation state of materialization. The core dimension of alienation is the dimension of value, and the classical philosophical proposition that man is the purpose and man is the measure of value has been challenged. However, morality, as a yardstick to consider the relationship between people, is related to the internal structure and internal mechanism of ultimate value in the theory of human learning, and should also become an important operational dimension of alienation.

"Good boy, touch your head"

 "Amitabha mua da"

  Big Ice

Recommended by: Hu Wei  

Don't be so lonely, please believe that someone in this world is really living the life you want. May you and I wander in the world with the most meager luggage and the most abundant self. In the world, everyone needs to be touched with kindness. Whether you are sunny or cloudy, low or peak, may you always be nursed by the goodwill of this world. Sunny and rainy rivers and lakes, I wish you a dream as a horse, can live everywhere.

The Moon and Sixpence

William· Somerset Maugham

Recommended by: Dai Ziyun

Works by the French impressionist painter Paul-Gauguin's life is the material for describing the story of an otherwise ordinary London stockbroker, Strickland, who suddenly became enchanted with art and wrote his own glorious life with a paintbrush, injecting all the value of life into a gorgeous canvas. The work has a broad perspective of life. It uses a scalpel with the smell of disinfectant to sharply dissect the human nature wrapped in the skin, mixing the humor and cruel eyes of the spectators.

 The Legend of Wukong

 Where is it today?

Recommended by: Luo Zhenlin

The characters in the book go beyond the original image interpretation framework and interpretation norms, and constantly impact and modify our existing expectations. If we use the binary standard of justice and evil to divide the characters in the Biography of Wukong, we will often appear stretched and weak. In this sense, the anti-typification strategy of the characters in "Wukong Biography" has greatly increased our understanding of the paradoxes, richness and diversity of the internal conflicts of living conditions, life values, and individual personalities.


Yu Hua

Recommended by: Cheng LiWeed

The recurrence of death not only gives a huge blow to the characters' hearts, but also gives readers an unexpected shock. Yu Hua embed the recurring death events in the daily trivial life, magnifyingThe breadth and depth of "suffering" make the small and weak characters face the huge "suffering" and form a great disparity of strength, thus producing a strong sense of fate; at the same time, it also magnifies the shining spiritual power of the characters, thus making the whole work full of artistic tension.

The stunning-Chinese color aesthetics.

 Zeng Qixiong

Recommended by: Wang Song  

The plants, minerals and even insects recorded in the Book of Songs and the Analects of Confucianism have had a profound influence on the traditional color aesthetics of the Chinese people, showing the color culture that has influenced the Chinese people for thousands of years. With his in-depth study of traditional colors over the years and his own profound knowledge of Chinese studies, the author explores and examines the faded, blurred and even forgotten colors recorded in history, and dedicates himself to the study of traditional dyeing techniques, restoring the exciting colors, restoring the historical stories related to colors, and analyzing the aesthetic style that influenced Chinese civilization.

Human Resource Management of Huawei

Zhang Jichen

Recommended by: Chen Guolong  

Huawei believes that whether an enterprise's recruitment is effective or not is mainly reflected in the following four aspects: first, whether it can recruit the required personnel in time to meet the needs of the enterprise; second, whether it can recruit suitable talents with the least investment; third, whether it is consistent with the expected and suitable for the requirements of the company and the position; FourthWhether the turnover rate is the lowest during the "danger period.

After the sharing meeting, Zhang Weihua, deputy secretary of the company's party committee and chairman of the trade union, made a concluding speech. He said that after busy work, calm down and read a good book, away from the hustle and bustle, can not only relieve the pressure of work, but also understand their own shortcomings, and better improve themselves. hold thiskind of activity isIn order to give everyoneBuild aLearn from each other and communicate togetherGood platform, hopefully.Everyone can know themselves in constant reading.,Through books to understand and harvest a wider world!


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