A mouse "forced to stop" the elevator, Jinhua man was trapped for more than an hour



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A mouse "forced to stop" the elevator, Jinhua man was trapped for more than an hour

At about 4:30 a.m. on December 16, Mr. Deng, a courier who had just finished the night shift, went out to buy food and returned to the park. While taking the elevator, he suddenly thumped and the elevator stopped running. Mr. Deng, who was so sleepy and tired, woke up instantly and called the emergency number in the elevator. When the elevator maintenance personnel arrived, they found that Mr. Deng was trapped between the first floor and the second floor and needed fire help.

At about 5:40, the 119 command center of Yiwu fire rescue detachment immediately dispatched one vehicle and seven people from Choujiang full-time fire brigade to deal with the alarm. At 5:50, fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene. As the elevator just stopped between the two floors and could not get up and down, the direct demolition may cause accidental injury due to the sliding of the elevator. The fire rescue personnel decided to go to the elevator machine room with the elevator maintenance personnel to seek rescue methods. They found that an adult slap-sized mouse was caught in the elevator electric speed limiter and had lost its breath.

"It should be this stuck mouse that forced the elevator to' stop." The elevator maintenance staff said. The fire rescue personnel immediately took out the mouse with tools such as insulating shears, and the elevator maintenance personnel drove the speed limiter to slowly lift the elevator to the second floor. After being trapped for more than an hour, Mr. Deng finally succeeded in getting out of the trap. He repeatedly thanked the rescuers.

Coincidentally, on the evening of December 15, the full-time fire brigade of Suxi City in Yiwu City also received a warning that an employee in the factory area was trapped in the elevator. Fortunately, the rescue was timely and the trapped personnel were not seriously affected.

The fire department reminded that the elevator needs regular inspection, maintenance and maintenance. If the elevator fails during the ride, passengers must not panic, and do not rush to get out of trouble by prying, picking, or kicking the door. They should press the emergency call button to get in touch with the outside world, inform the location, or call the police, Waiting for rescue.

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