Refusal of property fees, 3 days before the elevator card was upgraded, the owner owed property fees and the new owner was "embarrassed"?



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Refusal of property management fees, upgrade of access control elevator cards in 3 days, former homeowners owe property management fees and new homeowners are "embarrassed"?

There is no charge for property management, only one access control elevator card will be issued and upgraded every three days. The owner living on the 28th floor of the coastal city of Sailor said that it was "difficult" for the property and it became a very difficult thing to go home. The reason is that the former owner owes property fees and is in litigation with the property company.

The property customer service manager of the residential area said that according to the company's requirements, the entrance guard elevator cards of the owners who owed the fees could only be opened for 3 days at a time, and said that this was not "binding" but "synchronization".

Access control elevator cards are opened for 3 days at a time and at least 10 times a month to "upgrade" the property.

Xiao Su (a pseudonym), a representative of the new homeowner, told reporters that Mr. Wan, the new homeowner, bought a 28th floor home in the coastal city of Cero in May 2020, "The homeowner is not doing business in Shenyang, and now the house is the homeowner's friend living in. I am the agent entrusted by the homeowner to handle various procedures."

Xiao Su told reporters that the new owner took the initiative to pay the property fee to the property company from the beginning of moving in, but was rejected by the property company, "because the former owner owed the property fee, the property company did not accept it."

At the same time, the property company only gave Xinye a main card for the access control elevator, and then tried to get a few more sub-cards, but was also rejected. "If there are several people living in the family, it is obviously not enough to give one card."

After living for more than two months, "the most difficult thing every day is to enter the door. You have to go around the door of the community where the security guard is on duty and let the security guard swipe the card. It is also difficult to enter the building and take the elevator."

Moreover, this only one entrance guard elevator card is only allowed to open for 3 days at a time, sometimes only for 1 day, "at least 10 times per month, sometimes more."

Former homeowners owe property fees are suing new owners for being "embarrassed" by their properties"

Xiao Su told reporters that the reason why the new owners received such "treatment" was because the former owners owed property fees.

The reporter contacted the former owner, Ms. Tian. According to the other party, because of doubts about the quality of property services and arrears of property fees, both parties are in litigation. "After the court makes a judgment, we will pay the property fees according to the amount of the judgment."

Both Ms. Tian, the former owner, and Xiao su, the representative of the current owner, believe that "the property management fees promised by the former owner will be implemented in accordance with the ruling. the property should not refuse the normal payment of the new owner, let alone use frequent upgrading of access control elevator cards to embarrass the life of the new owner."

Property Customer Service Manager: The entrance guard elevator card that owes property fees can only be opened for 3 days.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter and the new owner's representative Xiao Su came to Shenyang Coastal Sai Luo City Property Service Center. A customer service manager received the owner.

The customer service manager admitted that it was true to refuse the property fee of the new owner, and confirmed that it was because the property fee owed by the former owner was being resolved through litigation, and both parties were waiting for the court's decision. The customer service manager said that the new owner could not pay his own property fee according to the check-in time, "because the new owner paid the money, the system will automatically calculate the arrears of the former owner."

Xiao Su, the representative of the new owner, said that he could not understand this statement. "if the payment system of the property is not perfect, then the responsibility does not lie with the owner. Why is it difficult for the owner now?"

Regarding the access control elevator card problem encountered by the new owner, the customer service manager said, "I don't know about the situation that I didn't give the secondary card before, but now I agree to give the owner more secondary cards." However, it was stressed that the authority of the elevator access card of the delinquent owner can only be opened for 3 days, "which is the company's requirement."

"We have to let the owner go home. When it is inconvenient, we can find a security guard to open it." The customer service manager stressed that after the judgment of the property management fee with the former owner came out, "it will be normal to solve the arrears."

Xiao Su believes that the practice of property is a disguised form of bundling the use of elevators with property fees. The customer service manager said that this is "synchronization", not "bundling".

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