Sichuan men's elevator room rubbed the elevator key wildly, beating the same woman violently, woman: was beaten



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Sichuan men's elevator room rubbed the elevator key wildly, beating the same woman violently, woman: was beaten

On January 27, when a man and a woman were riding the elevator together in Yibin, Sichuan, for some unknown reason, the man would keep pressing all the floor buttons to prevent others from using them, and suddenly hit the same woman.

From the video exposed on the Internet, it can be seen that a man wearing a brown coat, black trousers and a pair of sneaker kept pressing all the elevator buttons from top to bottom. Some provocatively looked at the woman. The woman wanted to press the elevator. Instead of stopping his behavior, the man pressed the button more and more quickly to prevent the woman from using it and blocked the woman with his body. Then the man suddenly became violent, hitting the woman with his backhand and hitting her head hard. One hand held the woman and the other hand slammed. The woman tried to press the elevator alarm button, but it was useless.

The man hammered the woman violently with both hands, pulling the woman from one corner of the elevator to another corner. The woman had no strength to fight back, and the things in her hand were shot down to the ground. Taking advantage of a gap, a woman held down the man's violent hand, but only once, after the man broke free, he swung his arm and continued to hammer, and the woman was beaten to squat on the ground, protecting her head. The woman tried to clamp down on the man. Seeing that his hand could not break free, the man kicked the woman with his foot. The two fought for a while. The elevator door finally opened. The woman ran out quickly. The man refused to let go of the woman and ran out.

According to the victim's account, when she saw the man constantly pressing the elevator button at the beginning, she had already figured it out, and told the man to let her press it, but the man refused, and then began to fight. The man grabbed her and hit her very hard. After that, she kept pressing the elevator button, but she couldn't press it. Fortunately, she accidentally pressed the button on the 26th floor. At that time, she was still holding something in her hand and was beaten violently by the man. She didn't even know that she had fought back. Her eyes were also hard to open and she was bleeding.

After the exposure of the man's elevator hammering the woman, many netizens said it was terrible. Some netizens questioned why the elevators in the residential area are directly connected to the security room or the monitoring room. Why is it that no one cares about the beating of women in the elevators? Now they are being beaten. If a man kills people passionately, should the property also bear the responsibility.

Some netizens said that the mental state of the hacker looks like a mental illness. If it is a mental illness, it should be taken care of. If you hit others casually, you must be held accountable. If it is a normal person, it is too lawless to resolutely not adjust.

According to Article 43 of my country's Public Security Administration Punishment Law, anyone who beats another person or intentionally hurts another person's body shall be detained for not less than five days but not more than ten days, and a fine of not less than two hundred yuan but not more than five hundred yuan; the circumstances are relatively minor If it is, it shall be detained for less than five days or a fine of less than 500 yuan.

I would also like to remind you that when your life is seriously threatened, self-defense is still necessary in the face of arrogant criminals, and do not let self-defense become a dead letter. If, when everyone is being violated, the means and scale of defense are taboo, or even retreat and escape, it will connive at the behavior of criminals. We must take effective measures to properly protect ourselves, actively safeguard our legitimate rights and interests, and fight against illegal infringements.

Source: Daily News Concern


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