Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. "Civilized Festival" Proposal



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Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. "Civilized Festival" Proposal

All staff comrades:

The child mouse shook his tail to say goodbye to the old year, and the Taurus held his head high to forge ahead. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the most solemn traditional festival of the Chinese nation, in order to vigorously advocate a new era of civilized lifestyle, a solid grasp of the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, and truly do a diligent and thrifty, civilized and safe holiday. Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AVIC Elevator") Party Committee issued the following proposals to all employees:

1, reduce aggregation, a healthy year. Spring Festival is an important festival for family reunion. No matter where you are, you always think about reunion. However, the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation is grim and complex, during the holidays to reduce the gathering, less visits, less crowded places, unnecessary travel. When going out, wear masks scientifically and keep a proper distance, actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control, and be the executor of healthy New Year.

2. Be diligent and thrifty, and live a simple year. Practice the civilized dining table convention, rational consumption, strict economy, oppose waste, refuse game, use public chopsticks, be proud of "CD action", be ashamed of extravagance and waste, advocate a new lifestyle of green environmental protection and thrift, and be diligent and thrifty for the New Year.

3, filial piety old love relatives, live a harmonious year. Filial piety comes first. Vigorously cultivate and promote the core values of socialism, carry forward the traditional family virtues of the Chinese nation, and accompany parents and children during holidays. Carry out audio and video New Year greetings, send Spring Festival blessings to relatives and friends, shorten the distance between hearts and raise the temperature of love. Educate the younger generation to be filial, love their relatives, live in harmony, and do a good job in family rules, family precepts and family tradition inheritors.

4, change customs and customs, the year of civilization. Abandon the old customs and change concepts, advocate postponing marriages and simplifying funerals, and consciously resist bad customs such as large-scale operations, extravagance and waste, high betrothal gifts, thick burials, and uncivilized sacrifices. Do not drink alcohol, do not gamble, do not engage in feudal superstition, do civilized New Year practitioners.

5, safe travel, a safe year. Consciously abide by traffic laws and regulations, keep in mind traffic safety, do not speed, do not throw objects from car windows, do not drive after drinking, do not park in disorder, do not run red lights, do not cross the road, do not cross the guardrail, achieve civilized courtesy, civilized travel, and strive to be a participant in the creation of a national civilized city.

The blueprint for the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has been drawn, and the new journey is inspiring. The work of strictly governing the party throughout the year is arduous and glorious. In 2021, we should adapt to the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, take promoting high-quality development as the theme, take reform and innovation as the driving force, and make a good start for the 14th five-year Plan. Innovatively and pragmatically implement the mission of AVIC Elevator Company of "serving the country by industry and invigorating the enterprise through science and technology", overcome difficulties in product structure optimization and upgrading, intelligent manufacturing, brand design, market innovation, etc., and strive to complete the annual budget target and promote the company's stability. Zhiyuan. Give full play to the leading role of the chairman unit of the special equipment industry association, consolidate and enhance the influence of AVIC Elevator in the special equipment industry, and present a gift to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with outstanding achievements!

During the festival, all employees of the company should do the following:

1. During the holidays, please turn off the water and electricity in the office (especially pay attention to the power supply of the computer host), lock the doors and windows, extinguish the fire sources such as fireworks and candles, and prevent fires to ensure safety.

2. During the holidays, please do not store large amounts of cash in the office. Please take good care of valuables (such as computers, mobile phones, etc.) to prevent theft.

3. Pay attention to the fire safety during the festival. Please do not pile up sundries and inflammable and explosive materials in public areas such as corridors and staircases to ensure the smooth flow of fire exits and safety exits.

4. Please try to drive your car home during the holiday and lock the windows and doors.

5. Remember to work after the holiday and return to the factory on time.

All staff and comrades, AVIC Elevator is civilized because of you and me, and life is wonderful because of you and me. I wish all employees of the company a happy Spring Festival and a happy family. In the new year, the bulls are surging, the bulls are vigorous, and the bulls are prosperous!


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