The man was trapped in the elevator door to save himself. Fortunately, there was no accident.



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The man was trapped in the elevator door to save himself. Fortunately, there was no accident.

Recently, the 96365 Elevator Center received a call from a man saying that he was trapped in the elevator. After receiving the call, the staff patiently calmed the trapped person's emotions and reminded him to stay away from the elevator door, not to pick up the door with his hand, and to wait patiently for rescue. After hanging up the phone, the staff immediately dispatched the relevant maintenance unit to the rescue. But when the maintenance master arrived at the scene, he found that the door was open, but there was no one in the elevator. After checking and monitoring by the maintenance master, he learned that the man forcibly opened the elevator door and left the ladder. Fortunately, no injuries were caused.

In daily life, there is no lack of some trapped elevator blind self-rescue failure of Liezi. On May 27, 2020, an owner of a residential area in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, accidentally fell into an elevator shaft while taking an elevator and died. It is understood that in the morning, the owner went out to buy vegetables and returned. After getting on the elevator, the elevator suddenly stopped between the 7th and 8th floors. There were other people in the elevator at that time. When everyone was waiting for rescue in the dark, he began to open the elevator door. After the door was opened, he jumped to the floor of the 7th floor, but there was a gap between the bottom of the elevator and the floor. The floor was relatively smooth. After he jumped, he probably had an unstable center of gravity and fell into the elevator shaft. When the man who fell from the building was carried out of the elevator shaft by rescuers, he was covered in blood and his head tilted to one side. He seemed to have lost consciousness.

Elevator Accident

The staff of the emergency response center said: The trapped elevator is actually not terrible. The terrible thing is that we know nothing about elevators. Elevator trapped people is actually a state of protection, just like the leakage protector in the electrical circuit, when the line or equipment failure may endanger personal safety, it will automatically cut off the power supply, so that the equipment is in a state of power loss, so as to protect personal safety.

When trapped in the elevator, forcibly opening the elevator door is an extremely dangerous way to save oneself. It is safest to wait patiently for the rescue of professionals. Forcing to open the elevator door is to put yourself in a dangerous area. If the car is not on the balance floor, forcing to open the hall door will put you in double danger. In the process of your climbing out, in case the elevator runs, people are immediately squeezed by the door frame and car! If you are lucky enough to climb out of the car, when you try to jump down to the floor, your body can easily lose its center of gravity and fall into an empty shaft!

96365 elevator center tips:

When the elevator breaks down or people are trapped, passengers should keep calm and do not take wrong actions such as prying the door or picking the door to save themselves! Press the alarm bell or the five-party intercom in the elevator car to get in touch with the property staff of the elevator. You can also call 96365 elevator emergency line for help and wait patiently for professional rescue. In addition, you can also clap the door and shout, or take off your shoes and clap the door hard, so as to transmit the distress signal in time.

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