Elevator on-demand maintenance, enterprise self-inspection, caused by thinking!



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Elevator on-demand maintenance, enterprise self-inspection, caused by thinking!


With the vigorous implementation of document No. 56 "Opinions of the General Administration of Market Supervision on Further Doing a Good Job in Improving Elevator Maintenance Mode and Adjusting Elevator Testing Mode (Guo Shi Jian Ad Hoc [2020] No. 56)", on-demand maintenance will be further implemented in 2021, and the impact of on-demand maintenance on elevator maintenance companies and maintenance workers will be further increased.


Once we complained about the regulation of once-in -15-day maintenance, saying that it was a waste of manpower and financial resources. But when the on-demand maintenance really came, was it that good? When the on-demand maintenance came, were you ready?


Elevator maintenance premiums have been declining since the 1990 s to today's situation of small profits and even making up for profits by changing accessories, which is extremely embarrassing. The 15-day maintenance once has been deeply rooted in the property or Party A. Now you want to change to maintenance once a month or once every two months. Do you think it will reduce your maintenance costs? An elevator company's operating income is reduced, so he needs more elevators to make up for this, otherwise his profit is not enough to support the current multi-dimensional maintenance workers, so the competition may be more intense.


A maintenance worker originally only needed to maintain 30 elevators and one or two buildings. The radius would not be too far away. On-demand maintenance would be different. A person may maintain 60 elevators or even 70 elevators. Of course, it may also reach South Korea. A person cannot maintain more than 100 elevators. South Korea there is no provision for maintenance several times a year, it is stipulated that the number of elevator stations for a maintenance worker cannot exceed 100, which is generally more than 120. Japan is carried out according to the contract. According to the new and old elevator equipment and different technologies, the maintenance times are different. Most elevators in Japan are maintained 4 times a year, and now it is planned to reduce it to 2 times. Europe is the same as Japan, but their elevator use frequency is not as high as China, which is also worth our consideration. The number of stations maintained by a maintenance worker increases, the scope increases, the commuting cost increases, and the trivial matters increase. For example, something in the elevator floor causes the elevator to not close the door, and the power failure causes the elevator to be trapped. Such things will increase. To sum up, a maintenance worker has changed from maintaining 30 elevators for 15 days to maintaining 60 elevators for 30 days. On the surface, his workload has not increased, but in fact, his workload has increased significantly. In this way, after the implementation of on-demand maintenance, the salary of maintenance workers should be increased.


Cooperating with the implementation of on-demand maintenance is the enterprise self-inspection mode, which probably means that the elevator self-inspection of the maintenance enterprise will be carried out for one year, the official inspection for the next year, and then the enterprise self-inspection will be carried out in turn. The official release of such documents does not explain how the enterprise will charge for self-inspection. After the self-inspection, it will either wrangle or not receive the money. Also do not rule out the elevator enterprises rely on free self-inspection advantage crazy to seize the maintenance market, maintenance market competition is more intense. An elevator official inspection hundreds or even thousands, now find a self-testing elevator maintenance company maintenance they can avoid the money, who do you think the property will look?


On-demand maintenance and enterprise self-inspection are irresistible trends. We think deeply that some of these links only make our maintenance market more standardized. Elevator maintenance workers take this opportunity to get due treatment, so that our elevator maintenance quality is better and elevator operation is safer.

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