Steel rope buttered elevator storm elevator repairman: vandalism! Police investigate homicide, public danger offences



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Steel rope buttered elevator storm elevator repairman: vandalism! Police investigate homicide, public danger offences

In the early hours of the 27th in Qianzhen District of Kaohsiung City, it was reported that an elevator maintenance worker surnamed Lin was trapped,At that time, while the man surnamed Lin was carrying out maintenance, the elevator suddenly rushed up from the 15th floor to the 25th floor and the 26th floor, causing Lin Nan to be trapped on the spot,After the fire department was reported to have arrived, it set up ropes from the 27th floor to let Lin nan descend to the 25th floor to get out of trouble. after the incident, Lin nan found that the elevator wire rope was suspected to have been buttered. the police have intervened in the investigation and search for evidence, and will subsequently investigate the crime of homicide and public danger.

The elevator company sent workers to repair the elevator. Why did it suddenly rush and almost kill the maintenance personnel?The company jumped out today (28)The complaint was that the elevator was deliberately sabotaged because a large amount of butter was found on the elevator wire rope at the scene, causing the elevator to fail to brake.And the normal maintenance process should not appear. Who the hell is going to do this? The elevator machine room can only be locked with a horn, and it is not difficult to enter if you want to; the industry even broke the news that in August last year, the management committee was dissatisfied with the defective maintenance of the elevators of the former contractor and replaced them.

Elevator maintenance worker: "(wire rope) itself will produce oil, so the elevator can not be smeared with butter, I found this (butter) at the scene. 」

The elevator repairman took out butter and questioned whether the elevator would rush violently.

Elevator operator: "This way it will become very slippery. I saw this, a lot of this stuff on the spot. This stuff does not belong to the elevator. 」
The main steel wheel of the elevator in the accident was later found to be smeared with butter that should not exist and became very slippery, resulting in no way to brake.
Elevator: "(So this situation is not normal, so you think there is sabotage?) Yes. 」

The elevator suddenly rushed after the maintenance personnel arrived at 22: 51.


To restore the situation on that day, the elevator company found an abnormal light on the elevator in building B through its mobile phone. the abnormality was found at 22: 13. at 22: 51, the personnel arrived to check that the water shutter was sliding. the remote end reported that the elevator was in maintenance. as a result, the elevator was suddenly rushed, the computer was shut down without a network, and the rescue was reported at 1: 46 a.m.


Building resident: "There seems to be a situation before the elevator. (Is it natural damage or man-made damage?) I don't know. 」


The sudden rush of the elevator may also be related to the failure of the brake. However, the trapped elevator operator took photos and searched for evidence. The steel rope was unusually smeared with a large amount of butter, which was suspected to be done by professionals. Although the average resident of the building's computer room would not enter, it was only locked with a horn. It was not difficult to enter. Actually, the management committee of the building was asked to keep a low profile and did not respond.


"The police are also looking at the monitors and working with the operators to find out more details to clarify. 」

Elevator operator: "The control system he used, he locked it and tampered with it, (did you say tampered with it was the previous contractor?) Yes. 」

As the building was complained by residents last year that the elevator had not been properly repaired, the management Committee only changed the current elevator company to take over the maintenance in August. unexpectedly, the elevator suddenly rushed abnormally. the elevator maintenance company suspected that it was spoofed by so-called professionals.

Source: Sanli News

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