Elevator fault prevention common sense



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Elevator fault prevention common sense


Phenomenon 1 Overload Bell Rings, Someone Still Enters Elevator

Some residential areas and commercial buildings exist in the elevator manned elevator when the phenomenon of the use of freight elevator. In some residential areas or commercial buildings often see such a phenomenon, a pile of goods in front of the elevator. The staff blocked one of the boxes of goods on the elevator door, and then moved the boxes of goods into the elevator. The elevator closed automatically several times and was pushed back by the boxes. When he moved all the goods into the elevator, the overweight bell rang. The staff member walked out of the elevator first, and then walked into the elevator lightly. The overweight bell of the elevator did not ring again. The manned elevator is used as a freight elevator to transport building materials, construction waste, furniture, etc., which is prone to danger of overload or garbage falling into the track, thus causing elevator failure. Overloading is a major hidden danger in elevator operation. Generally speaking, every elevator with quality clearance is equipped with an overload warning switch, and overcrowding will sound an alarm, but this does not mean that the safety has reached 100%. If the elevator overload warning switch is broken or the sensitivity is not enough, the circuit board has problems, once the overloaded citizens do not realize that there may be unimaginable consequences.

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  Phenomenon 2 Jumping in the elevator and pressing the button indiscriminately to bury hidden dangers

In addition to the overload of elevators and the use of passenger elevators as freight elevators, the occurrence of some elevator accidents is also related to improper operation of passengers, such as citizens, especially children, pressing elevator buttons indiscriminately, and forced entry when the elevator closes the door. In a commercial building, take the elevator down on the 16th floor. The elevator is almost full of people. When the elevator reached the 10th floor, two people went out. At this time, a strange thing happened: when the elevator door was about to close, the overweight bell rang. A citizen got out of the elevator and crept in again. The elevator overweight bell did not ring. When the elevator reached the 8th floor, two more people went out. When the elevator door was about to close, the same thing happened. Some citizens experienced what they had just done again.

In response to this strange phenomenon, a citizen joked: 'Maybe this elevator is playing a prank. When the elevator reached the 6th floor, a pair of mother and son came in. The children were very lively and danced as soon as they entered the elevator, making the whole car shake. The child said to go out on the second floor and then take the stairs to the next floor. As he spoke, he pressed the floor key of the elevator, but pressed all the floors on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors.

At ordinary times, many people like to stamp their feet and even jump on purpose after getting on the elevator. Others did not press the door key but pulled hard after their clothes and bags were clamped on the door. These can cause the elevator to suddenly malfunction.

  Phenomenon 3 seldom pays attention to the failure of elevator inspection date. I don't know what to do

In addition to human factors, some elevator maintenance can not keep up with the elevator failure often occurs. Why can't maintenance keep up? Because some elevator users or management units are greedy for cheap, often sign contracts with low-cost maintenance units, and these maintenance units do not fully maintain elevators in accordance with national safety technical specifications. There are also individual elevator users who are greedy for cheap and entrust elevator installation and maintenance business to some unqualified units or individual private enterprises. When the elevator fails, they are often at a loss. 'The cause of elevator failure involves many aspects. Maintenance units and property management departments must strictly follow the relevant national laws and regulations to maintain and manage elevators, and citizens must also use elevators in a civilized and standardized manner.

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