Learning and Education of Party History | AVIC Elevator and Anshun City Investment Company Launched "Continuously Red Blood, State-owned Enterprises Develop Side by Side" Party Building Co-construction Activities



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learning and education of party history| AVIC Elevator and Anshun City Investment Company to carry out"Continuously red blood vessels, state-owned enterprises to develop side by side"Party building co-construction activities

In order to solidly promote the study and education of party history and"Keep in mind the earnest entrustment, loyalty and clean responsibility, and welcome the centennial of the founding of the party" special education, promote the deep integration of party building work into the production and operation of enterprises, give full play to the party's ideological guidance and fighting fortress role, and realize the sustainable and high-quality development of enterprises, June 4, guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AVIC Elevator") and Anshun Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Anshun Urban Investment Company") jointly carried out the "Continued Red Blood, State-owned Enterprises Develop Side by Side" party building activities.

    Anshun City Investment Company and his party visited the exhibition hall of AVIC Elevator, the intelligent production plant (Party branch of the manufacturing center), the Party branch position of the sales center and the Party member activity room, and got a deep understanding of the Party Committee of AVIC Elevator Company.The connotation of the party building brand of "Red Pilot Elevator Pioneer" and the standardization and standardization of the branch.

After the visit, AVIC Elevator and Anshun City Investment Company had a discussion and exchange on the party building work. At the meeting, Deng Jianglong, deputy secretary of the party committee of AVIC Elevator, briefly introduced the general situation of the party building work of the company. AVIC Elevator Party Committee was established inIn 2013, there were 6 party branches with 120 party members. The Party Committee of AVIC Elevator will build the Party by creating the brand of "Red Pilot-Elevator Pioneer".WorkIt is deeply integrated into the production and operation of the enterprise, encouraging the party members of the company to take the lead in their work, catch up with and surpass learning, ensure the high-quality development of the company's various businesses, and successfully promote the company's business income to increase year after year. Subsequently, Li Huiying, deputy secretary of the party committee and director of Anshun City Investment Company, also introduced the party building situation of the company.

He Wenzheng, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Anshun urban investment company, said that the party building work of AVIC elevator has outstanding highlights, various forms and its own characteristics. This party building co construction activity not only enhanced the feelings of both sides, but also learned a lot of advanced party building experience of AVIC Elevator, It provides new ideas for Anshun urban investment company to standardize branch construction, change the concept of Party building, expand the content of Party building and enrich the forms of activities.

Air China Elevator Party Secretary and Chairman Hu Ming made a concluding speech. He first extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Anshun City Investment, and said that since the establishment of business cooperation between AVIC Elevator and Anshun City Investment, they have always respected, learned from and supported each other. This party building and co-construction has made the cooperative relationship between the two parties closer and stronger. I hope that in the future, we will carry out more party building and co-construction activities with Anshun Urban Investment Company to promote party building through co-construction, and promote development through party building, so as to provide business cooperation in more fields. Create conditions and promote the high-quality development of both parties!


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