Tianjin a new batch of pilot announced! Related to residential elevator maintenance



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Tianjin a new batch of pilot announced! Related to residential elevator maintenance

How to ensure the safety of elevators in the community?

How to maintain?

It is one of the topics that residents are most concerned about.

Starting from 2020

Tianjin pilot to carry out elevator "on-demand maintenance"

With the advance of the pilot


Tianjin has announced a new batch of "on-demand maintenance" pilot list.

According to the "Notice of the Municipal Market Supervision Commission on Printing and Distributing the Pilot Work Plan for the Reform of" On-demand Maintenance "of Elevators" issued in August 2020, Tianjin took the lead in launching the pilot work of "On-demand Maintenance" of elevators in Binhai New Area, Jinnan District and Beichen District, and the first batch of 12 maintenance units, 40 users and 1561 elevators were piloted to carry out on-demand maintenance.

Since April this year, Tianjin has successively announced the list of the second and third batch of elevator on-demand maintenance pilot units..

It is reported that this year, the market supervision department will also carry out spot checks on elevator maintenance quality, which will cover about 1000 elevators in all administrative regions of the city.

What is on-demand maintenance?

It is learned from the Municipal Market Supervision Commission that with the rapid economic and social development of our city and the acceleration of urbanization, the number of elevators in our city has increased year by year. As of December 2020, there are 118209 registered elevators in the city, an increase of 10105 compared with 2019. The growth rate is 9.3.

According to the previous "maintenance according to regulations" is in accordance with the requirements of the time limit and maintenance items stipulated in the "elevator maintenance rules" of the safety technical specification for special equipment, no matter what kind of elevator, maintenance is implemented once every 15 days, which is unfair to elevators with good quality, low frequency of use and in-place maintenance and their users, managers and maintainers.

In August 2020, Tianjin issued the Notice of the Municipal Market Regulatory Commission on Issuing the Pilot Work Program for the Reform of Elevator "On-Demand Maintenance" to carry out the pilot work of elevator "On-Demand Maintenance" reform in the city,The maintenance unit determines the maintenance items, contents and cycle according to the actual situation such as the service life, service frequency, operation status and maintenance instructions of the elevator.In order to improve the level of safe operation of the elevator, reduce the failure rate of the elevator, and enhance the sense of security and satisfaction of the public. In the future, the elevator maintenance premium will no longer be determined by the maintenance time of the above door, but by the quality of elevator maintenance.

Source: Tianjin Broadcasting

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