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Happy NewsParty Committee of Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. won the title of "Advanced Primary Party Organization in the Province"

On the morning of July 2, a meeting of Guizhou Province to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China was solemnly held in Zunyi, which commended outstanding Communist Party members, outstanding party workers and advanced grass-roots party organizations in the province. The party committee of Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the party committee of the company") won the title of "advanced grass-roots party organization in the province.

The company's party committee was established inIn March 2013, there were 5 party committee members and 6 party branches (political work party branch, technical quality party branch, sales center party branch, engineering center party branch, manufacturing center party branch, hangao elevator party branch). There are 119 party members. In order to effectively integrate the party building work into the production and operation of enterprises, and give full play to the party's ideological guidance and fighting fortress role in state-owned enterprises, the company's party committee takes "focusing on party building around the center, strengthening leadership and promoting development" as the general policy, and "Build a first-class team, lead a first-class team, strengthen first-class style, and create first-class performance" as the overall goal, and "three three three N, the party building brand of" Red Pilot · Elevator Pioneer "has been meticulously created to provide normative guidance for party affairs, provide normalized guarantee for party building activities, provide solid ideological guidance for party members and cadres, and at the same time integrate party building work into production and operation in depth and lead escort The high-quality development of various businesses provides practical, innovative and efficient methods. The company's operating income has continued to rise for many years. In 2020, for the first time, the operating income of AVIC Elevator broke through the 0.5 billion yuan mark.

Self-Party History Learning and EducationSince the launch of the special education on "keeping in mind the earnest entrustment, loyalty and clean responsibility, and welcoming the centenary of the founding of the party", AVIC Elevator has conscientiously implemented the relevant requirements, tightened the compaction responsibility, and conducted learning motivation layer by layer. On the one hand, it has carried out various forms of special learning, on the other hand, it has made use of its own advantages to carry out activities of elevator safety into the community and campus, and actively promote the installation of old buildings, and service for the old buildings.

Secretary Chen Yiqinguizhou province celebrates founding of cpcAt the 100 anniversary conference, it was mentioned that "the best tribute to history is to write a new history",In the next step, AVIC Elevator will conscientiously implement General Secretary Xi Jinping in celebrating the founding of the Communist Party of China.The spirit of the important speech at the 100 anniversary meeting andguizhou province celebrates founding of cpc100 Anniversary General AssemblySpirit, resolutely shoulder the responsibility of state-owned enterprises in the new era, determined to carry forward the truth, adhere to ideals, practice the original aspiration, assume the mission, not afraid of sacrifice, heroic struggle, loyal to the party, live up to the great party-building spirit of the people, and seize Guizhou's new industrialization Development opportunities, vigorously carry out scientific and technological research and innovation, and use safer and more comfortable elevators to benefit the people!


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