Nine guests in a hotel in Huaibei were trapped in the elevator.



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Nine guests in a hotel in Huaibei were trapped in the elevator.

At about 21:10 on the evening of July 2, an elevator trapping incident occurred in a hotel in Huaibei City, Anhui Province. Nine people were trapped in the elevator at the time of the incident. The situation was very critical. After receiving the alarm, Longshan Road Special Service Station in the jurisdiction quickly dispatched rescue forces to the scene for rescue.


The elevator suddenly broke down on the second floor, causing 9 people to be trapped in the elevator. Among the trapped people were guests who had just finished eating and drinking. According to the situation at the scene, the on-site commander first arranged the firefighters to determine the specific location of the trapped personnel, and then opened the elevator door with tools such as elevator keys and crowbars.



After communicating with the person in charge of the unit and obtaining consent, the hydraulic expander was inserted into the door crack for expansion, and a metal folding ladder was erected to allow the trapped 9 people to climb out of the elevator along the ladder in turn. With the efforts of rescuers, all nine trapped people were rescued safely a few minutes later.

Source: Beijing Youth Daily official website

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