It took 4 years to install the elevator, but because of a piece of paper, I almost couldn't get electricity......



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It took 4 years to install the elevator, but because of a piece of paper, I almost couldn't get electricity......

Four years ago in the summer of Beijing, the outdoor elevator installed in Unit 4, Building 4, Hepingli District 1, Dongcheng District was officially put into use. It became the first pilot project in Beijing to add elevators to an old community that passed the test and obtained a license. Since then, Beijing has opened the "acceleration" of installing elevators in old buildings ". Beginning in 2018, for four consecutive years, the installation of elevators in old buildings has been listed as one of the municipal government's important livelihood projects, and the number of completions has increased year by year. As of the end of May this year, 1962 new elevators have benefited tens of thousands of residents. travel.
"It is better to build ten new ones than to change one old one." It is never easy to install elevators. However, under the spring breeze of favorable policies, the grassroots coordinated a lot of work, and the residents were considerate of watching and helping each other, and the difficult "bones" were overcome one by one.
Electricity is the most basic power of all electrical facilities. If the elevator does not have electricity, it will not help if it is built beautifully. Some time ago, the residents of Building 26 in Honglian Nanli encountered such an annoyance. They had a hard time installing a good elevator, but they were stuck in the last step of the power-on link. Looking at the new elevator that had not removed the protective film, the residents could only look at the elevator and sigh.
The root of the matter is related to the property rights problem left over from history. On the one hand, there is a strong demand from the residents, and on the other hand, there are cumbersome material procedures. Under the continuous attention of this newspaper, the elevator company, the local streets and the power supply station actively coordinated and handled special matters, and finally reached an agreement on receiving electricity. After the completion of the electric power construction, the long-awaited elevator is expected to be put into operation soon.
It is not easy to install the elevator with twists and turns"
As early as June 10, residents reported that when the reporter first came to Honglian Nanli District, the protective film of the new elevator installed at the gate of Unit 2 of Building 26 had not been torn off. The building has 6 floors, each floor has 13 households. The reporter noticed that in order to better realize barrier-free travel, the elevator also specially chose the way of parking on the flat floor. In the future, residents can get home directly by taking the elevator to the floor without walking half a floor more. Talking about the installation process of this elevator, "not easy" is the word most spoken by residents.
"Most of the people living in the building are retired employees. As we get older day by day, it is more and more difficult to climb the stairs. Every time we go upstairs, we have to take a long time." Several residents said that as early as 2017, they contacted the relevant departments of Xicheng District through the district people's congress representatives to appeal for the installation of elevators in the old community. After repeated work, and finally obtained the signature and consent of all 78 residents, the property rights unit of the community and the relevant departments of Xicheng District jointly discussed and decided to install elevators. Since then, after a series of processes such as selecting and contacting the elevator company, the construction personnel will enter the site in 2019, and the construction will start soon. Everyone is happy to think that they will soon be able to take the elevator up and down the stairs.
Unexpected, last year due to the impact of the epidemic, elevator construction had to be suspended for a period of time, and then due to the recurrence of the epidemic, the installation period has been extended again and again. Until some time ago, the elevator construction project was basically completed. "Because it is not easy to install elevators, we all cherish them." Residents said.
According to the operating regulations, the installation of elevators requires at least dozens of steps. After intense construction, the elevator finally entered the final stage of construction, leaving only the step of connecting the electricity. In the expectation of the residents, they could have been on the elevator in the first half of this year. Unexpectedly, the procedures for electrifying electricity were stuck, which made the residents anxious.
More than 80 years old people can only walk in the corridor
"I bought two bags of rice this afternoon, but I couldn't carry it, so I had to carry one bag first. Look, the remaining bag is still in the car downstairs. If the elevator could run with electricity, I wouldn't have to climb up and down like this." When the reporter visited the community on June 10, he met an old man who was sweating and panting. The old man said that sometimes when you buy too many things, you have to carry vegetables, water, and rice noodle oil on your back. This amount may not be a big deal for young people, but people who are a little older think about it. It's scary.
"I am 57 years old this year. I am not an old person in the building. Many of the people living in the building are retired employees. Everyone can't stand the toss at all. They are looking forward to using the elevator as soon as possible." Another resident said, "if you buy something heavy, you can take it upstairs in batches, but if you are sick, people with poor legs and feet will be in trouble if you need to go downstairs."
Mr. Yu, who lives on the 6th floor, is deeply touched by this. A few years ago, Yu Xiansheng's lover was ill and had to go to the hospital for treatment many times a week. At the beginning, she was able to walk down by herself. Later, going downstairs became a very difficult task. Although neighbors often help carry them together, it is OK to rescue them once or twice. Yu Xiansheng feels embarrassed after a long time. Later, he spent money to find someone to carry his lover downstairs. "My wife has been talking about when she can get on the elevator. She can go downstairs by herself without bothering others. Hey! But until she passed away last year, she couldn't get the elevator." Speaking of sadness, Mr. Yu sighed repeatedly.
Today, Mr. Yu took care of his 80-year-old mother at home. Elderly legs inconvenience, usually most of the time can only sit in a wheelchair. The old man has moved here for more than a year, but he has never gone downstairs. "Fortunately, the old man is in good health and has no other diseases, otherwise he really can't afford to suffer. In fact, there are still many 'high-altitude senior' like my mother in this building." Mr. Yu said that there is a river next to the community and a park. The scenery is very good. Some time ago, my mother was very happy to hear the news that the installation of the elevator was completed. She looked forward to going downstairs for a walk as soon as possible. But now, Yu Xiansheng can only push the old man back and forth in the corridor, so he should "go out.
When the reporter came to Mr. Yu's home, the old man had just finished eating. With the help of auxiliary tools, Mr. Yu carefully helped his mother into the wheelchair. After slowly pushing the wheelchair out of the door, the old man began his afternoon "walk". Although the entire corridor is tens of meters long, it is not spacious. Basically, only one wheelchair can pass through. It is quite difficult to adjust the wheelchair. Even so, the old man was very happy and looked out of the window from time to time. She could see that she was full of expectation for the outside world.
"It's a good thing to install an elevator, but now it's the last step to connect the electricity. I especially hope that the elderly can get on the elevator as soon as possible without any regrets." Mr. Yu said
Difficulty in energizing stuck on proof material
In order to connect the elevator smoothly, Mr. Liang, the project manager of the elevator company, has been busy recently. After consulting the local power supply station, Mr. Liang got a reply that as long as the electricity meter is installed and connected, the elevator can operate normally. However, due to historical property rights issues, residents of Honglian Nanli Building 26 have not been able to receive the property certificate for the time being. At present, the property rights unit has also handed over the "three supplies and one industry" (water supply, power supply, heating and property management) to the current property company for management.
According to relevant regulations, in view of such property rights problems, the elevator company should provide the power supply station with information such as whether the building is illegally built, residents rather than commercial residential buildings, who owns the property rights, and who should be responsible for the electricity charges and later maintenance costs.
In fact, as early as before, the elevator company has been clear, they will bear the elevator operation and later maintenance of the corresponding electricity. As for the other certificates, Mr. Liang successively found the property right unit and the local community neighborhood committee and issued relevant certification materials according to the requirements of the power supply station.
However, things did not move forward as a result. The staff of the power supply station informed that according to the regulations, the relevant certification materials should be issued by the district or street level that takes the lead in installing the elevator, and the relevant certification materials issued by the property right unit do not conform to the regulations. "The people at the power supply told us that since the installation of the elevator was led by the relevant departments of Xicheng District, it is reasonable to say that in this case, the district department should be found and the planning department should be coordinated to issue a certificate. In addition, since the property rights unit belongs to the central enterprise, if you want to follow this procedure, you may have to go through its superior authorities to issue a certificate together. As a result, the procedure will be quite cumbersome and time-consuming." Mr. Liang said.
Latest progress
In the middle of this month is expected to construction power
"Can you simplify the corresponding procedures? Although the street is not the direct lead of the installation of elevators, but can the street come forward to issue relevant certification materials to the power supply?" After learning about the residents' demands, the reporter immediately reflected the problem to the local Guangwai Street.
A staff member said that they have paid attention to the problem and are ready to "whistle" the relevant departments to coordinate. After communicating with the power supply station, the staff also said that the certificate issued by the street level was valid. Taking into account the urgent needs of residents for the use of elevators, in order to ensure the normal power supply of elevators, Guangwai Street has issued corresponding certificates in accordance with relevant requirements. As a result, elevator companies do not have to go to district departments and property rights units to coordinate step by step.

The reporter learned from the elevator company that they have worked with the power supply department to connect the power on the spot. After the procedures are complete, all the power connection barriers in the early stage have been broken through. It is expected that the power supply department will carry out power construction in mid-July. After the construction is completed, the elevator company will connect the electricity to the elevator, and it is expected to be put into use as soon as possible.

Source: Beijing Daily, Elevator Circle

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