AVIC Elevator Successfully Enters Dafang Kirong-Xiangshan Meiyu, Building an Ideal Life Together



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Recently, good news came from AVIC Elevator. 19 elevator products provided by Dafang Qilong Xiangshan Meiyu, a project owned by Guizhou Qilong Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd., have begun to be installed. Starting from the building space, AVIC Elevator optimizes the design structure of the whole ladder, combines safety with beauty, and makes comfort and care accompany the owner.

Dafang Qilong Xiangshan Meiyu is Dafang's first fully enclosed high-end residential district, located on Dujuan Avenue in Chengbei New District, covering an area of 213 mu and a total construction area of 350000 ㎡. The north side of the residential area is close to the central kindergarten, traditional Chinese medicine hospital, famous ethnic university, shexiang ancient town, etc. To the south are the three public security organs and the judicial bureau, the people's social security bureau and other functional units. The west is seamlessly connected with the 1400 mu ecological park "Yangming Park". There are swimming pools, children's parks, activity centers for the elderly, etc. Based on the design style of Dafang Kirong Xiangshan Meiyu, AVIC Elevator has customized a passenger elevator that meets the architectural requirements and customer needs. The elevator has reliable braking, excellent performance, high efficiency and energy saving, and stable operation. While ensuring the safety and comfort of users, it also enhances the overall living value of Dafang Kirong Xiangshan Meiyu.

Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. is located in the historical red city of Zunyi. It has the highest A- level qualification for elevator production, installation, maintenance and renovation. Its main products include passenger elevators, medical elevators, sightseeing elevators, villa elevators, freight elevators, car elevators, miscellaneous elevators, escalators, automatic sidewalks and intelligent power distribution systems, high and low voltage switchgear and control equipment, etc, among them, "AVIC" brand elevator and "AVIC electric control" brand high and low voltage complete sets of equipment are "Guizhou famous brand products". The company's products have entered the Guizhou Province key equipment product catalog, Guiyang City equipment manufacturing priority procurement catalog, Zunyi City municipal engineering project product priority procurement catalog. Because of its strong R & D and manufacturing capabilities and excellent product quality, the company has been highly recognized by users and government departments at all levels, and has been rated as a provincial technology center in Guizhou Province, a provincial-level "contract-abiding and trustworthy" enterprise, and Guizhou Province AAA Grade credit enterprise.


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