Elevator panic! The man was trapped in the elevator for 70 minutes and was finally......



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Elevator panic! The man was trapped in the elevator for 70 minutes and was finally......

     Recently, a drunk man in a community on Yongxing Road, Jing'an District, smashed the elevator's control panel to vent his emotions, causing the elevator to stop suddenly. At the time of the incident, three other people were trapped in the elevator for up to 70 minutes.

On August 24, the Zhijiang West Road Police Station of Jing'an Public Security Bureau received a report that four people were trapped in elevators in a community on Yongxing Road. The Jing'an police immediately activated the emergency plan, and the police, fire protection, and elevator maintenance personnel arrived at the scene as soon as possible. With the cooperation of the public security and emergency management departments, the four people trapped in the elevator were quickly rescued.

When the police were about to leave, the property officer on duty found the police and played an elevator surveillance video to the police. In the video, after a man smashed the elevator control panel with boxing anger, the elevator immediately broke down and stopped. When the man saw the elevator stop, he kicked the elevator door many times and tried to break the door through violence.

Soon the police found the man involved, Fu Mou, when asked why the violence destroyed the elevator for no reason? Fu Mou frankly, the night of the incident, Fu Mou and friends outside dinner, during which Fu Mou drank a lot of wine, after the dinner. Fu Mou visited a friend's house on Yongxing Road. As Fu Mou was not satisfied with drinking during the party, he proposed to go downstairs to continue drinking and chatting. But shortly after the four people got on the elevator, Fu suddenly hit the elevator control panel with his fist, causing the elevator to break down and stop. Due to the hot weather at the time of the incident and the narrow space of the elevator, Fu was impatient. At the moment, Fu did not choose to call the police for help. Instead, he kicked the elevator door continuously and forced the elevator door open. When he found himself stuck in the middle of the two floors, Fu called the police for help. This series of actions may cause the elevator to fall and endanger the lives of four people in the elevator. Afterwards, Fu realized that his actions might have serious safety consequences and expressed great regret. At present, the suspect Fu Mou has been criminally detained by the Jing'an police in accordance with the law for the crime of endangering public safety in a dangerous manner.

Police reminder: If you have negative emotions in your heart, you must resolve them in a reasonable way. You must not vent your emotions in extreme ways to avoid causing irreparable consequences to yourself or others.

Source: China new network Shanghai news

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