AVIC Elevator Held a Special Meeting on "Preventing Risks, Grasping Reform and Promoting Development"



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AVIC ElevatorHold a special meeting on "preventing risks, grasping reform and promoting development"

On September 22,Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd.Hu Ming, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the company, presided over the special meeting on "preventing risks, grasping reform and promoting development. The meeting conveyed the learningOn September 20, Zunyi Municipal Debt Special Class and Cadre Meeting of the Four Major Municipal Enterprises and the spirit of the "Risk Prevention, Reform and Development Promotion" Cadre Meeting of Zunyi State-owned Capital Operation Co., Ltd. on September 21, and made arrangements for the company's recent work.

The meeting pointed out that the company should closely focus on the Zunyi municipal debt special class and the meeting of cadres of the four major municipal enterprises and Zunyi State-owned Capital Operation Co., Ltd.The spirit of the cadre conference of "preventing risks, grasping reforms, and promoting development", especially the spirit of the speech of the executive deputy mayor of Chengqiang, has continuously strengthened the awareness of danger, taking precautions, and knowing the smallest, and doing a solid job in risk prevention and control, reform and development In various tasks, play a good first move and take the initiative.

The meeting made it clear,One isIt is necessary to further improve the political position, unify ideological understanding, strengthen the awareness of the overall situation, compact work responsibilities, fully implement the decision-making and deployment of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, firmly establish a game of chess thinking, and resolutely obey the unified command and unified coordination of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, Unified scheduling;Two isSet up a special class for comprehensive coordination and supervision, a special class for financing and debt work, a special class for cleaning up three-capital and two-debt work, a special class for the reform of state-owned enterprises, a special class for the four-way fund, a special class for industrial project investment, and a special class for public opinion prevention and control and emergency response.There are 7 special work classes, each of which is headed by a team member, and the main responsible comrades of relevant departments and subsidiaries are members. Make the objectives and tasks, task lists, list responsibilities and responsibilities specific, refine and decompose the key work, compact the responsibilities layer by layer, pay close attention to the implementation, and complete the work in an orderly manner according to the time node, so as to ensure that the company's debt risk can be controlled;Three isIt is necessary to earnestly strengthen the organization and leadership of deepening reform, make scientific planning and careful arrangements, speed up the preparatory work of engineering companies, pay close attention to the detailed reform work in the spirit of hammering nails, go all out to promote the implementation of the company's three-year action of deepening reform, and unswervingly push the comprehensive deepening reform to a deeper level, broader field, and higher goal.

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