AVIC Elevator 2021 Guiyang Industry Expo Exhibition in progress



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AVIC Elevator2021 Guiyang Industry ExpoWhen the exhibition is in progress

On September 26, the second 2021 Guiyang Industrial Expo kicked off at the Guiyang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AVIC Elevator") is the only advanced equipment manufacturing industry in Guizhou Province that integrates elevator design, production, installation, transformation, and maintenance. "System", "Simulated Operation Elevator Car" and "Installation Process and Model Project of Elevator Installation in Old Buildings" attracted a large number of spectators to stop and watch.

AVIC Elevator is derived from the aviation industry system, the main products are passenger elevators, medical elevators, freight elevators, car elevators, escalators, automatic sidewalks, intelligent substation systems, high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, among them."AVIC Elevator" brand elevators and "AVIC Electric Control" brand high and low voltage complete sets of equipment are famous brand products in Guizhou Province. The company has been rated as the provincial technology center, the national "contract and trustworthy" enterprise, "Guizhou industrial cloud big data" "Guizhou intelligent manufacturing" the first batch of pilot demonstration units..

Air China Elevator has a patent near.200 items, the company's independent research and development of the elevator Internet of Things system, can be onElevator24-hour all-round remote monitoring has the functions of fault prediction and automatic fault alarm. At the same time, it can also automatically collect and analyze elevator operation data to form elevator life cycle files, so that maintenance personnel, supervision departments and users can know the elevator operation status at any time, promote elevator maintenance into the era of "on-demand maintenance", and greatly improve the safety guarantee during elevator operation.

AVIC Elevator has always upheldThe enterprise tenet of "industry serving the country and science and technology invigorating enterprises" actively responds to the call of "installing elevators in old buildings", vigorously promotes the important livelihood project of adding elevators to lead the intelligent transformation of old residential areas, serves and solves the "last kilometer road" for the masses to go home, and fulfills the responsibility and obligation of state-owned enterprises to promote the well-being and people's livelihood through practice. At present, the company's products have spread all over the country, with offices in all prefectures, cities and major cities outside the province.

In the future, AVIC Elevator will continue to focus on elevator technology research and development and technological innovation,Deeply cultivate the integration of big data and the real economy, continuously optimize product processes and processes, develop and produce more products that satisfy users,Use practical actions to contribute more to the development of the country's equipment manufacturing industry!


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