Elevator advertisement leads to residents' dissatisfaction: an elevator squeezes 6 advertisements, and residents worry about children imitating them.



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Elevator advertisement leads to residents' dissatisfaction: an elevator squeezes 6 advertisements, and residents worry about children imitating them.

At present, many residential areas in Sichuan have advertising space in the elevator. Some people are bored and feel that the magic sound is played repeatedly every day; some people worry that adult content will affect the children in the family; some people don't care, they think they can pass the time waiting for the elevator......
So, are there many elevator advertisements in your neighborhood?
Which type of elevator advertising do you most accept?
The reporter conducted a street pick,
Let's hear what they say?
"Too fashionable!" In the video advertisement in the elevator room of the community, there was a man's full-hearted cry, which directly woke up the sleeping baby in Ms. Zhao's arms and startled Ms. Zhao. Ms. Zhao lives in Jinxiu City Community, 177 Meidong Road, chenghua district City, Chengdu. She is annoyed by the video advertisements played in the elevator every day. What annoys some residents with children in the community is that some of the "brainwashing" contents in the elevator advertisements are not suitable for children to watch, but they can only be forced to watch because they cannot shut down.
"Who will take good care of the elevator advertising?" Recently, the residents of many communities in Sichuan reported their troubles through the platform of Sichuan Daily "Asking for Political Affairs in Sichuan" and the public sentiment hotline (028-86968696), and the reporter launched a visit and investigation. △ Video Advertisement on Exterior Wall of Elevator in No.1 Community of Meidong Road, chenghua district, Chengdu
Residents are worried
The content of the "brainwashed" elevator advertisement is simple and rough. The children watched it and imitated it.
"Where you won't sweep, learn English so easy ...... ......" Recently, the reporter came to Fairview City Phase 5, just walked into the unit gate to hear the sound of advertising from the elevator, narrow elevator space, hanging five flat billboards and an electronic advertising screen, loan finance, beauty clothing, real estate advertising, electronic products, children's products, all kinds of products "everything".
"When I see these things upstairs and downstairs every day, the children will unconsciously imitate them." Resident Mr. Chen told reporters that some time ago, when the advertisement of a chat app was broadcast in a loop, the slogans such as "why are you still single" and "single friends, go to * *" were remembered by the children. even children of several years old were asking what being single was, whether being single was particularly bad, etc. "Recently, the advertisement of cheese sticks has been broadcast in a loop. As soon as children enter the supermarket, they are clamoring to buy cheese sticks."

The same situation also occurred in Fudi Yuxiangshan Community, Tianfu New District. Mr. Wang, a resident of the residential area, reflected that there are often various advertisements for medical beauty, slimming and loans in the elevators of the residential area. some of the advertisements are vulgar, while others are highly inductive. for example, they claim that "women are complete when they are beautiful." "I have a 4-year-old daughter in my family, who is worried that it will have a negative impact on children's cognition." Mr. Wang said.
The reporter found that there were not a few people complaining about elevator advertisements on the Sichuan platform of Sichuan Daily's all-media political inquiry. In addition to worrying about the impact on their children, some residents also feel that elevator advertisements have affected their lives. Ms. Wang, from the second phase of Chengdu Hospital District, Yingdu District, Chengdu, told reporters: "Some cosmetic advertisements sell appearance anxiety, and dating advertisements create single anxiety. Seeing these feelings will also deteriorate every day."
difficult to refuse
Elevator advertising company will be mandatory ratings as a marketing advantage, aggravating household troubles
In the eyes of many residents in the community, the compulsory export of elevator advertisements actually deprives them of the right to watch--
Mr. Cheng of the first district of East Lake in Deyang City is distressed.
"Elevator advertisements are different from other advertisements. I don't want to watch TV advertisements, so I change the station. I don't want to watch mobile phone advertisements, so I turn off the screen. But in the elevator, these advertisements are completely unavoidable and there is no key to turn off the machine."
Mr. Li of Futuretown Phase III District, Wenjiang District, Chengdu City, questioned
"It's a forced output. I want to go home quietly and rest all day at work. Why do I have to endure advertising harassment when I take an elevator?"
Mr. Zheng from Dongsheng Guorui Community, Shuangliu District, Chengdu, complained
"There are two advertisements at the entrance of the elevator, three print advertisements and two video advertisements in the elevator, which means I am forced to watch at least seven advertisements every time I go home."
Mr. Qiu from Honeng Yaozhicheng Community, chenghua district, Chengdu City complained
"Travel ads, nut ads, job ads, these ads are simple, crude and boring, and I'm bombarded every day '."

Reporter survey found that many elevator advertising companies will be the elevator advertising precision crowd coverage, compulsive viewing and repeated reading, as a marketing advantage.
For example, in the official website of Focus Media, it is especially emphasized: "Elevator posters are mainly located in the elevators in the community, and mandatory viewing is formed in the enclosed and narrow elevator space that must pass through." "The environmental interference in the elevator is extremely low, up and down more than 20 times a week, and there is sufficient viewing time for the elevator poster advertising information"... △ Focus Media's official website writes mandatory viewing into the product introduction
In the elevator advertising slogans of trendy media, the characteristics of "in a closed environment", "image sound, mandatory attention" are also highlighted.

"The mandatory output of elevator advertisements cannot be turned off, skipped, and the volume and brightness cannot be adjusted, leaving passengers with no choice and nowhere to escape. It may have been suspected of infringing on individuals' private life tranquility." Wei Dongdong, a lawyer at Beijing Weiheng (Chengdu) Law firm, said that the Civil Code, which was formally implemented in 2021, included "tranquility of private life" in the provisions on privacy rights in the compilation of personality rights. "The right to peace of life is a special right to privacy, which is gradually gaining importance with economic development, especially the development of network technology. The scope of application of the right to peace of life will continue to expand in the future, and the next step will need to slowly supplement and refine its provisions."
Introduced by Who
Most of the contents of elevator advertisements are audited by advertising companies, saying that no consent is required from the owners.
"Who is reviewing the content of these elevator advertisements? Many of them are really not suitable for placement in the community." During the interview, many residents questioned.
Mr. Zheng, a staff member of the property company in Fudi Yuxiangshan District, told reporters, "The advertisement is set by the advertising company, and the content is also reviewed by them, but it is clear that there must be no false or vulgar content."
This claim has been confirmed by several elevator advertising companies.
Ms. Wang, a staff member of Focus Media, said: "According to relevant regulations, advertisements are currently subject to a filing system rather than a prior review system, so the company's elevator advertisements are not subject to advance review by the market regulatory authorities during the release process. However, the company has an internal advertising review mechanism, especially for advertisements in special industries such as medical care, which will need to provide corresponding qualification materials for special review."
At the same time, Mr. Wang, a staff member of Sichuan City Zongheng Culture Communication Co., Ltd., told reporters that in addition to self-examination, the company's elevator advertisements will also be subject to spot checks by market supervision departments from time to time. △ Video Advertisement on Exterior Wall of Elevator in No.1 Community of Meidong Road, chenghua district, Chengdu
During the visit, many residents in the community also questioned a question: "Should the owner's consent be obtained in advance for elevator advertisements? Why do they often come with a bunch of advertisements without saying hello?"
Mr. ye, a staff member of trendy media, explained: "the company has signed contract agreements with property companies in many residential areas. advertisers only need to contact trendy media about advertising, and do not need to communicate with the property or owners."
Advertising companies and residential property signed an advertising contract, and whether to seek the views of the owners?
Ms. Li, assistant project manager of Sichuan Garbo Property Company in Splendid City, told reporters: "The selection of advertising companies and advertising, which belongs to the community public areas to carry out profit-making activities. The property does not need to obtain the consent of the owners, because we have clearly agreed in the property service contract signed with the owners that the property company has the right to operate independently to carry out profit-making activities in the public areas of the community."
For this explanation, Mr. Chen, a resident of fairview city residential area, was somewhat dissatisfied: "the property service contract is a standard contract, which stipulates to carry out profit-making activities in the public area of the residential area. who can associate with the elevator advertisement, the property should give the owner a good explanation, and it is best to refine the terms of the contract clearly."
Article 278 of the Civil Code
The use of the common part to engage in business activities is a matter jointly decided by the owners, which shall be voted by the owners whose area accounts for more than 2/3 of the exclusive part and whose number accounts for more than 2/3 of the owners, and shall be approved by the owners who participate in the voting of more than half of the exclusive part and the owners who participate in the voting.
Wu Sanming, one of the drafters of the "Sichuan Province Property Management Regulations" and deputy director of the Community Governance and Modern Property Research Center of the School of Public Administration of Sichuan University, said that posting or broadcasting elevator advertisements in the community belongs to the category of using the common part to engage in business activities. However, "in practice, the property service contracts of most residential areas will include clauses that allow the property to use the common part to carry out business activities. As a result, the advertising of most residential areas will no longer solicit the opinions of the owners separately. The owners of the residential areas should pay special attention to this point when signing the property service contract."

Expert advice
For the mandatory output characteristics, the supervision of elevator advertising should be more in place.
"Elevator advertising industry is a very potential industry, how to make this industry more sunshine, more healthy? This is an urgent need to think about the problem." Wu Sanming said that the main audience of elevator advertisements in the community is residents in the community, and publishers should take into account their feelings more intimately, especially the acceptance of the elderly and children.
"District elevator advertising is not only a publicity column, but also a window to reflect community governance. The supervision and governance of district elevator advertising also requires the strength of all parties in society to take multiple measures." Chen Jun, a lawyer at Beijing Commercial (Chengdu) Law Firm, believes that "especially in the face of the mandatory output of elevator advertisements, the scale of supervision should be stricter, especially for medical treatment, alcohol, beauty, and online games. Wait for advertising."
He further analyzed that compared with others, elevator advertisements are mostly hidden in the community, and supervision is indeed more difficult. Under the current advertising filing system, how to optimize the form of supervision and strengthen visits and spot checks is also a question that the relevant competent departments should think about--
On the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen standardized management. The housing and urban-rural construction department, together with the market supervision and management department, can jointly improve the normative documents regulating the management of commercial advertisements in the property service area, and stipulate the voting publicity, advertising content, ownership of rights and interests, standard setting and department work requirements of the commercial advertisement business plan in the community.
On the other hand, law enforcement needs to be strengthened. Relevant departments should further smooth the online acceptance mode and effectively smooth the channels for complaints and reports from the masses.
In addition, the owners' committee should also perform its duties, supervise and restrict the property company, and reduce the adverse impact of elevator advertising on the owners.
"At present, the focus of supervision and crackdown is illegal advertising, for the bad taste of advertising attention is not enough. Considering the mandatory export of elevator advertising, it is best to clarify the standard of elevator advertising as soon as possible, further improve the regulations, to provide legal protection for the supervision and law enforcement. It is also possible to establish an advertising ethics committee to review and identify the moral and ethical issues involved in advertising." Wu Sanming appealed.
Extended Reporting
Who should own the elevator advertising revenue?
"For several years, we have been asking the property company to publish the revenue details of public areas such as elevator advertisements in the residential area. It has not been published before. In the first half of this year, it was not easy to publish it once, but it was not clearly written. I feel that a lot of expenses are missing." During the reporter's visit, Ms. Peng, a resident of a residential area in Chengdu, Tianfu New District, reflected.
In fact, this is also a problem that many residents in the community are concerned about: who owns the advertising revenue of elevators in the community? Who manages it? The reporter interviewed people in the legal profession.
"The residential elevator advertising revenue belongs to the owners. In recent years, this type of community value-added services and community media business revenue has shown the characteristics of large scale and rapid growth, which should be paid more attention." Wu Sanming said.
Article 282 of the Civil Code
The income generated by the construction unit, property service enterprise or other managers using the common part of the owner belongs to the owner after deducting reasonable costs.
"In real life, because many communities do not set up owners' committees, some property companies to hide the elevator advertising revenue situation does not report the problem occurs from time to time. If the property company to these proceeds as their own operating income, it constitutes a tort. Hope that the property company can enhance legal awareness, in accordance with the law will be the elevator advertising and other public areas of income to the owners and owners committee in a timely manner."
Chen Jun, a lawyer from Beijing Commercial (Chengdu) Law Firm, also mentioned a case he had handled: after the establishment of the owners' committee in a residential area, unified supervision and management of the public area income of the residential area was carried out. Not only did the income and expenditure and accounting details were regularly disclosed, but there was still a balance at the end of the year, and rice, oil and other benefits were distributed to each owner.
Chen Jun suggested that each community should set up owners' committees as soon as possible. As the main body representing the common interests of the community owners and speaking for the community owners, they can also solve the problem of subject qualification in safeguarding rights to a certain extent from the litigation level.

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