It is really difficult to realize the small appeal of installing an elevator voice broadcasting system for the blind.



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It is really difficult to realize the small appeal of installing an elevator voice broadcasting system for the blind.

On the 17th, the B03 edition of China Business Daily published an article entitled "When is it no longer difficult for blind people to take elevators on floors without voice broadcasters. Over the past two days, a reporter from Huashang Daily accompanied two blind representatives to visit the disabled Persons' Federation, consult the housing construction and market supervision departments, and found that this seemingly simple equipment is not easy to install.

  CDPF: Contact relevant functional departments to have a look

On the afternoon of the 18th, a reporter from Huashang Daily accompanied blind representatives Ms. Zhao and Mr. Zhang to the Xi'an Disabled Persons' Federation in the western section of the South Second Ring Road to tell the relevant staff of the Disabled Persons' Federation their demands for the installation of an elevator voice broadcast system.

At the reception desk of the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation, a staff member said that the colleague in charge of the matter went to the province for a meeting and dialed the telephone of the staff member surnamed Zhao.

Subsequently, the reporter of China Business Daily relayed the demand and desire of the blind for the elevator voice broadcasting system by telephone. The staff member said: "Previously, we have also received a letter from Ms. Zhao submitted by the Weiyang District Disabled Persons' Federation, and we are actively trying to find ways to communicate with the relevant departments. On the one hand, we will forward this claim to the district and county CDPF as soon as possible, and on the other hand, contact the relevant functional departments."

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Ms. Zhao said aside, "I wrote the letter. It has been about half a month, but I haven't replied yet."

The staff member said: "The Disabled Persons' Federation is a group organization, and everything must be promoted together with relevant functional departments." After that, he added that he had been busy recently and had better wait for the relevant leaders to come back from a business trip.

When a reporter from China Business Daily asked, "Are we contacting ourselves faster?" The staff member said, "That can be contacted by the housing and construction department."

  Relevant departments: the housing and construction department said to ask the market supervision department, the market supervision department said it needed instructions.

China Business News reporter contacted the Xi'an Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, an office staff to understand the reply: "The housing and construction department is mainly for the management of buildings under construction, and in the elevator to install automatic voice broadcast equipment, you consult the market supervision department? The annual inspection of the elevator is in this department, you try to contact first."

Subsequently, the reporter of China Business Daily contacted Xi'an market supervision and Administration Bureau. After learning about the relevant situation, a staff member replied: "we need to ask for instructions from the leader."

But as of the 19th before the press, China Business Daily reporter has not yet received a reply.

  Voice: "Not to promote the construction of barrier-free facilities? Why so difficult?"

The above-mentioned departments of the statement, let Ms. Zhao and Mr. Zhang slightly disappointed. Mr. Zhang said: "I changed from Gaoling to the bus and took the subway instead. It took me at least two and a half hours, and the result was the same."

Ms. Zhao said, "Aren't they all advocating the construction of barrier-free facilities to promote the travel life of the blind? Why is it so difficult to practice?"

A search by a reporter from Huashang Daily found that the the People's Republic of China Law on the Protection of Persons with Disabilities (revised in 2008) contained a separate chapter on "Barrier-free Environment", which mentions that "people's governments at all levels and relevant departments shall, in accordance with the national regulations on the construction of barrier-free facilities projects, gradually promote the renovation of completed facilities and give priority to the renovation of public service facilities closely related to the daily work and life of persons with disabilities. Barrier-free facilities. Barrier-free facilities should be maintained facilities."

In addition, in 2014, the General Office of the Xi'an Municipal People's Government also issued a notice on the implementation plan for cities and counties in Xi'an to create a barrier-free environment. In the "Information Exchange Barrier-free Environment Construction", it was mentioned that public service institutions and public places provide voice for the disabled. And other information exchange barrier-free environment.

The "Regulations on the Construction and Management of Barrier-free Facilities in Xi'an" promulgated in 2002 mentioned that if there is no supporting construction of barrier-free facilities in completed public buildings, residential communities, etc., the owner or authorized operator should create conditions for reconstruction.

"Clearly there are relevant regulations, why is it so difficult when we really need an elevator automatic voice broadcast system?" Ms. Zhao said, "Of course, we can also understand that the cost of installing equipment and the need for maintenance in the later period are also problems. But in fact, this equipment is not only used by the blind, but also by the elderly and children."

Source: China Business Network-China Business Daily

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