Because of the power outage, 6 people were trapped in the elevator overnight!



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Because of the power outage, 6 people were trapped in the elevator overnight!

At 6:47 on November 14, the 119 Command Center of the Changchun Fire Rescue Detachment received an alarm saying that many people were trapped in an elevator at a construction site at the intersection of Fumin Street and West Fourth Ring Road in Changchun City and were in urgent need of rescue. After receiving the police, the command center immediately dispatched a rescue fire truck to the scene at Kaida North Street Station.

After the rescue personnel arrived at the scene, after asking the alarm and investigation that:The trapped people were trapped between the first floor of the elevator and the underground. The night before, many people in the elevator were trapped due to a sudden power outage. The workers who came to work on the construction site this morning found that they had been trapped all night.Due to the cold in the elevator at the construction site and the tension, one trapped person had a heart attack, and another was in a coma with hypoglycemia, which was very dangerous! In an emergency, rescuers were immediately divided into two groups. One group was responsible for calming the trapped people, and the other group used the elevator key to open the door for rescue, but did not open it.

In order to rescue the trapped people as soon as possible, the fire rescue personnel used crowbars and other tools to break down the elevator door. After the elevator door was opened, the fire rescue personnel immediately rescued the trapped people (6 men and 1 woman) and gave first aid. After the 120 ambulance arrived, the rescue personnel carried the unwell trapped people on their backs and 120 the ambulance to the hospital for treatment.

The fire department reminds the general public: when taking the elevator and encountering elevator failure, you must remain calm, do not panic, do not forcibly open the elevator door, and do not move, use the telephone, alarm bell or walkie-talkie, mobile phone and other possible ways to ask for help, shout loudly and knock on the elevator with your belongings, do not pick up the door and flee without authorization, do not kick the door frequently, etc., keep physical strength and wait for rescue.

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