Handan, Hebei: Elevator Has "Smart Supervision" Complaint Hotline Has Gained "Cool"



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Handan, Hebei: Elevator Has "Smart Supervision" Complaint Hotline Has Gained "Cool"

Residents of arcadia Bishuiwan Community, Hanshan District, Handan City, scan codes to view elevator information. Photo by Li Hao

People's Daily Online, Shijiazhuang, December 8 (Yang Wenjuan) On December 7, in the Alcadia Bishuiwan Community, Hanshan District, Handan City, resident He Jinwei used his mobile phone to scan the dedicated QR code in the elevator car. With a sound, the smart elevator information query interface was presented in front of him. Touch the interface menu, from the elevator code, registration code, manufacturer and other "identity information" to the inspection organization, inspection date, next inspection date, maintenance unit, maintenance date, trapped rescue, suggested message and other information at a glance.

Elevators are used every day, and elevator safety is no small matter. Did the elevator run "with illness" and did the maintenance personnel carry out timely maintenance? This is really difficult to draw conclusions in the past.

"It's different now. When the special two-dimensional code is swept away, it is as clear as a" B- super "for the elevator. If there is any abnormality, I will leave a message to report for repair through the smart elevator cloud platform." He Jinwei said, "This two-dimensional code makes each of our residents become a supervisor, and uses a'code' to connect the'seamless dock' between the masses and the elevator supervision department '."

It is understood that in accordance with the overall requirements of the State Administration of Market Supervision and the Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Bureau on the reform of elevator safety supervision, in September 2019, the pilot work of elevator safety supervision reform and innovation in Handan City was launched. Handan City has established and gradually improved the 96365 elevator emergency rescue system. It has also used advanced software and hardware technologies such as industrial Internet of Things, intelligent robot recognition, wireless communication, and 3D laser QR code anti-counterfeiting technology to build a "smart elevator cloud platform" and establish Elevator quality and safety traceability system, implement information management for elevator maintenance, emergency disposal, use management, inspection and testing, etc., and monitor elevator operation status in real time, realize the elevator fault early identification, hidden danger monitoring early warning, emergency disposal quickly in place.

Technical personnel explain the maintenance status on the elevator smart cloud platform. Photo by Zhou Jinli

Entering Handan Elevator Emergency Response Center, I saw the staff tap the keyboard, and the background big data was displayed on the large electronic display screen: the operation frequency, maintenance process and failure rate of each elevator were all accurately calculated and analyzed; The elevator trapping accident, from receiving the police to the arrival of the maintenance unit at the scene, and then to the successful rescue time, is accurate to seconds.

So, how to ensure the quality of maintenance? At the maintenance site, maintenance personnel need to use the mobile phone "smart elevator" APP login platform, sign in and sign out, brush face authentication, record the maintenance operation process, upload maintenance images, and generate paperless elevator maintenance records.

"Through technical means, we have effectively put an end to illegal activities such as affiliated maintenance, working without a license, and only repairing but not maintaining." Wu Yanbo, director of the Special Equipment Safety Supervision Department of Handan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, said that the platform will automatically push to the maintenance unit to remind and push to the grass-roots supervision department for on-site law enforcement inspection, effectively standardizing the elevator maintenance market order and improving the elevator quality and safety level.

"We have been punished, but we have been convinced." Zheng Zhanqi, the person in charge of a company involved in elevator maintenance, said, "The reason why we were punished is that individual employees did not carry out maintenance on schedule. The records on the big data platform are clear. This is also a wake-up call for us. In the next step, we must be solid. Do the maintenance work in every link."

It is understood that the elevator supervision department adheres to the combination of online and offline through platform statistical data, makes full use of the early warning function of the platform, carries out targeted supervision and law enforcement and hidden danger management, focuses on the inspection of elevators with frequent faults, overdue inspection and out of protection, uses scientific and technological means to break through the bottleneck of traditional supervision, effectively solves the problem of insufficient supervision resources, and improves the efficiency of elevator supervision. This year, Handan City targeted inspection of 90 elevator users and maintenance units, and took measures such as interviews, notifications, and administrative penalties for problem units in accordance with the law, effectively improving the quality and safety of elevators.

According to Wu Yanbo, 30000 passenger direct ladders, freight ladders and escalators in the city have implemented information management in maintenance, emergency disposal, use management, inspection and testing, and at the same time realized multi-party information sharing. it has achieved the joint management of regulatory departments, inspection institutions, user units, maintenance units, financial insurance and social supervision, fully implement the safety responsibilities of all parties, and build a social governance system for elevator safety.

The data shows that by the end of October this year, the monthly failure rate of elevators in Handan City has decreased from 0.95 in the same period last year to 0.64; the average time for elevator rescuers to arrive at the scene is 10.88 minutes, and the average time for on-site rescue is 3.61 minutes, which is far lower than the national regulations. The 30-minute rescue requirement.

"Originally, there were many hotlines for complaints about people trapped in elevators, but now they have dropped significantly, and' hotline' has become 'cool." Wu Yanbo said.

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