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With the improvement of people's living standards, most people live in residential areas with elevators. Due to frequent use, failures will inevitably occur, so personnel are required to be responsible for maintenance. So many people are not very clear about who should be responsible for this expense. Let's find out. Who is responsible for the elevator maintenance fee depends on the cause of the elevator failure and the warranty period.
1. Check whether the elevator is in the warranty period. If the warranty period should be developed company maintenance.
2. Check the cause of the elevator damage. A is due to the fault of the property company, B is due to the fault of the owner, and C is due to the inadequate maintenance of the elevator maintenance company. If it is the above reasons, it should be repaired by the corresponding responsible person.
3. If the warranty period has passed, it is natural wear and tear damage, it is necessary to use the housing special maintenance funds. Need the property company to assist the owners committee, or the local neighborhood committee to complete.


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Inspection of elevator damage
1. Maintenance costs need to be quoted by at least 3 companies, and the maintenance costs should be publicized in the community,
2. Then the maintenance unit bidding,
3. After publicity, assist the owners' committee to contact the owner of the building damaged by the elevator to sign but recognize the cost. Finally, report to the Property Department of the Housing Administration to apply for the cost. A. The property company shall pay the maintenance cost first, and the cost shall be directly allocated to the property company after the application is in place. B. The cost shall be maintained after the cost is in place.
Article 278 The following matters shall be jointly decided by the owners:
(I) formulate and amend the rules of procedure of the owners' congress;
(II) formulating and amending management statutes;
(III) electing the owners' committee or changing the members of the owners' committee;
(IV) selecting, hiring and dismissing property service enterprises or other managers;
(V) use of funds for the maintenance of buildings and their ancillary facilities;
(VI) raise funds for the maintenance of buildings and their ancillary facilities;
(VII) alteration and reconstruction of buildings and their ancillary facilities;
(VIII) changing the use of the common parts or using the common parts to engage in business activities;
(IX) other significant matters relating to the right of co-ownership and co-management.
The matters jointly decided by the owners shall be voted on by the owners whose exclusive part accounts for more than 2/3 of the area and the owners whose number accounts for more than 2/3 of the total. Decisions on the matters specified in Items 6 to 8 of the preceding paragraph shall be approved by the owners whose voting area is more than 3/4 and the number of owners whose voting is more than 3/4. Decisions on other matters in the preceding paragraph shall be approved by more than half of the owners of the exclusive part of the voting area and more than half of the number of owners participating in the voting.


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