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Xiangtan Online, March 7, "Elevator noise is relatively large, whether it rises or falls, it will click." A few days ago, Ms. Ma, the owner of Building 4, Tianyuan Meijule Phase II, Yuetang District, called our hotline to report that the elevator in her building often made abnormal noises, fearing that in case of failure, the safety of the owner would be endangered.

On the morning of February 16, the reporter contacted xx Property Service Co., Ltd. The staff of the company said that there was indeed abnormal noise in the 4 elevators of Tianyuan Meijule Phase II. After receiving the feedback, they immediately arranged personnel to check on the spot and timely feedback the relevant information to the elevator company. The elevator is currently undergoing maintenance.

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On the same day, the reporter went to the scene and saw that there were two elevators in the four buildings. One of the elevators was placed with a warning sign of "elevator maintenance, suspended use" and was undergoing maintenance. On the elevator safety notice board of another elevator, the reporter saw that the maintenance unit of the elevator is xx company. the maintenance record shows that every 15 days, the elevator company will send maintenance personnel to carry out normal maintenance on the elevator. the latest maintenance time is February 9, and the equipment status is normal.

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Subsequently, the reporter found a Hunan elevator engineering company maintenance personnel Yang Master, he told us, "Since 8:30 a.m., the company arranged three maintenance personnel arrived at the scene to start repairs. The elevator abnormal noise is due to the elevator car top anti-rope wheel bearing wear caused by, has been replaced with a new bearing, is expected to be normal operation in the afternoon."
At 14:00 in the afternoon, the reporter contacted Master Yang again. He said that the elevator had been repaired, there was no abnormal noise, and it could operate normally.

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