Classic Project | AVIC Elevator Enters Tianfu Huacheng



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Classic Project| AVIC Elevator Enters Tianfu Huacheng

Recently, Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to"MediumElevator") with advanced design concepts and high-quality products and services, successfully settled inTianfu Huacheng, Renshou County, Sichuan Province, providing a passenger elevator for it52Taiwan,GiveLocal residents provide comfortable, safe, intelligent and convenient way to travel.

Tianfu Huacheng,LocatedSichuan ProvinceNext to Industrial Avenue, Dahua Town, Renshou County, the total area of the project isFor106664.29 square meters, construction areaFor287727.3 square meters.MainComposed of high-rise and small high-rise,The project has convenient transportation, surrounded by Tianfu Renshou Avenue, Chengdu Economic Zone surrounded by high-speed, etc,Own swimming pool, activity area, activity center for the elderly and childrenWait.

AVIC Elevator as a set of elevator design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, transformation as one ofadvanced equipment manufacturingIndustry, with industry-leading smart factories and experienced talent team..Since its establishment, the development of AVIC ElevatorPlanningAlways in line with customer needs, and constantly apply cutting-edge technology and design concepts to the daily lives of residents.Provide more safety, comfort and speedthe buildingTraffic channel!


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