Elevator advertising can not be barbaric growth



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Elevator advertising can not be barbaric growth

The small advertising screen in the elevator looks inconspicuous, but actually contains "big business". Statistics show that in 2021, China's elevator advertising market reached 23 billion billion yuan, covering 0.6 billion people.

In terms of experience, watching advertisements in elevators can not only place cramped sight, but also resolve the embarrassment of being alone with strangers in an elevator car. From a functional point of view, although the time to take the elevator is not long, the elevator advertising frequency is high, the audience is wide, the flow is stable, and it has a certain "mandatory", which makes consumers pay more attention to advertising than in other environments. Media. In the past ten years, the scale of elevator ownership in China has expanded rapidly. Data show that in 2020, China's elevator ownership scale of 7.8655 million units, assuming that a single elevator needs at least 3 elevator TV media or 1 elevator poster media, then the domestic elevator building media industry market has more than 100 billion yuan of space. Elevator advertising market potential is huge, unlimited business opportunities.

At the same time, need to see the elevator advertising implied problems. From a practical point of view, some elevator advertisements have bad behaviors such as rough production, vulgar content, no bottom line output, noise pollution, etc., which violate the advertising law and other relevant laws and regulations. Some elevator advertisements "repeated bombing" and "playing the edge ball" may have a potential impact on the audience, especially young people, which must be corrected.

The relevant departments should strengthen the supervision work, further clarify the rights and responsibilities, timely issue and improve the production, delivery, installation, volume and other standards of elevator advertising, and should not allow its barbaric growth. Relevant companies should keep pace with the times, explore more active and effective communication methods, improve the level of innovation, respect consumer opinions, enhance interaction with the audience, and strive to achieve new upgrades driven by digitalization, and create high-quality advertising products. Improve the recognition and praise of elevator advertising, make elevator space truly become an advertising "treasure land", and promote the positive and healthy development of the industry.


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